Mika’s poignant message to Lebanon and Beirut

Mika's poignant message to Lebanon and Beirut

In a text published in several media including the JDD, the Lebanese-British singer expresses his emotion and his anger five days after the terrible explosions that shook Beirut.

Mika le 21 mai 2013

© Thomas Samson – AFP
Mika le 21 mai 2013

“I feel both so close and so far from you”. Five days after the explosions that devastated part of the city of Beirut, singer Mika sends a message to his country of birth, plunged into a context of unprecedented crisis.

“I never stop staring in amazement at the martyred faces of my brothers and sisters. In their eyes, I can see the fear, the tears ”, he wrote in particular in the JDD.

The artist, who reacted to the explosions on Tuesday evening and has since confided not to stop “imagining the deafening noise of two explosions which no longer leave Beirutis”.

“The symbol of an exploding system”

Economic and social crisis, distrust of the political class… The singer and former coach of The Voice born in Beirut recounts the multiple difficulties that the country has been facing for several years and to which is added the disaster of last Tuesday.

“There are divisions, the echo of conflicts at your borders, corruption, the powerlessness of your leaders, the monetary crisis which has plunged your families into misery and then the ever more virulent coronavirus epidemic”, evokes Mika who sees “in these two explosions the symbol of an exploding system”.

“Land of Ashes”

The singer also responds to the words of Prime Minister Hassan Diab who, on the very evening of the disaster, had assured that “those responsible will be held to account”.

“Who is responsible for? About what? Those responsible for thirty years of agony who made the land of the Cedars into the land of ashes ”, he says. The artist concludes his message with words full of hope and wants to believe in the resilience of the Lebanese people: “tomorrow, you will get up as you always have”.


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