Military Police starts distributing guidebooks against domestic violence

Military Police starts distributing guidebooks against domestic violence

Military Police begins distribution of booklet against Domestic Violence

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Military Police begins distribution of booklet against Domestic Violence

A Military police is launching from this Tuesday (4) a primer entitled “Domestic and Family Violence against Women” which aims to expand prevention and awareness activities on the topic in all municipalities in Minas Gerais. The purpose of the action, which is also part of the campaign August Lilac, is to mobilize the whole of society and contribute to a safer environment for women.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Cleide Barcelos, commander of the 1st Company for the Prevention of Domestic violence Belo Horizonte, this work is already being carried out in 72 cities in Minas Gerais, in the so-called Patrols for the Prevention of Domestic Violence (PPVD), with very positive results. Now it will be implemented in the mining capital and in Contagem.

The PM project consists of monitoring cases and complaints. So much victim how aggressor they are visited and accompanied by a pair of policemen, always a man and a woman, from the moment when complaints are registered with the Civil Police or denunciations happen through the 190 of the PM.

“We have access to complaints registered with the Civil Police. And the goal is for the pair to visit and accompany a couple who are going through difficult times. The objective is to break the cycle of violence, so that it does not evolve to the most serious, in this case, femicide ”, says the commander.

And to reach the bulk of the population, three booklets are being launched with guidelines for the perpetrators and victims, containing various aspects of Maria da Penha Law.

These booklets will be distributed during the visits, reinforcing the explanations that were already given by the PPVD and that are part of the service protocol.

This PPVD’s mission is to provide a more humanized service to women victims of domestic and family violence, to ensure their referral to the other organs of the State Network to Combat Violence Against Women, in such a way that they receive it from the public power, in the shortest time. possible, the attention due to your case. At the same time, the intention is to act as a deterrent to the aggressor.

The distribution of the booklets starts to be made this Wednesday (5th), in the joint Blitzen. “They will be distributed in all the blitzen that the PM does, regardless of the location chosen for this operation”, says the lieutenant colonel.


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