Morales believes that the latest government complaints against him seek to divide the MAS

Morales believes that the latest government complaints against him seek to divide the MAS

Evo Morales

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Evo Morales

The former president of Bolivia Evo Morales (2006-2019) has assured that the latest complaints that the Government has presented against him seek the division within the Movement to Socialism (MAS) in the face of the next elections on October 18 and in which his candidate, Luis Arce, starts as a favorite.

“The right wing coup cannot divide us, comrades and comrades. If we enter the division, we are entering the game of the right; they want us destroyed,” he said in a conversation for the Kawsachun Coca radio station microphones.

Morales has referred to the new criminal process, of the eight he already has, filed against him by the new ruling party, a complaint for an alleged romantic relationship that he would have had with a minor, and has wondered how many more there will be.

“I do not share the use of companions in political matters,” Morales said in reference to the complaint filed by the Vice Minister of Institutional Transparency of Bolivia, Guido Melgar, who accuses him of an alleged crime of “rape” and “human trafficking” .

Morales recalled that during the 2014 elections he already found himself in a similar situation, when a “companion”, Gabriela Zapata, filed a paternity suit against him.

“Some members of the Public Ministry call me and tell me how is this? I said, if you have evidence, prosecute me. In that lawsuit of the lady, there was nothing. It is process nine,” he said in reference to the last complaint of the government.

In that sense, Morales has explained that the accusations made against him by Melgar have political purposes for the next elections, in which the MAS was the favorite, according to the polls that were held before the health crisis broke out.

Morales recalled that these new accusations are in addition to the more than 50 that are already on the table of political training, including one for fraud against Arce, as well as a hundred against social and union leaders due to recent protests over the postponement of the elections for October 18.

Arce himself denounced the “coup” government of the interim president, Jeanine Áñez, of carrying out a “judicial hunt against worker and peasant leaders.”

“We denounce before the International Community and Human Rights organizations, the judicial hunt that the coup government of Bolivia is carrying out against worker and peasant leaders. Añez speaks of pacification, but in the facts the persecution and repression of the people worsens,” denounced Arce on his Twitter account.

Bolivia is currently in the midst of a social and political crisis since the last elections, when the opposition, after denouncing alleged irregularities in Morales’ victory, appointed Jeanine Áñez to the Presidency, who holds the position of interim until the next elections, finally set for October 18 after having been postponed several times due to the coronavirus crisis.

In recent weeks, the situation in the streets has worsened after the election date was postponed one last time, generating riots and blockades by some unions, social movements, and Morales supporters, who see in this a strategy of the new ruling party to wear out the favorite in the elections, the candidate of the Movement for Socialism (MAS), Luis Arce, using the crisis of the pandemic as an excuse.


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