More than 1,400 dead from Covid-19 in the United States in 24 hours

More than 1,400 dead from Covid-19 in the United States in 24 hours

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The United States recorded 1,442 more deaths from the coronavirus in 24 hours on Friday, according to the Johns-Hopkins University count. This is the fourth day in a row that the country has more than 1,200 dead in one day.

By far the most affected in the world in absolute terms, the United States deplores a total of 153,268 deaths linked to Covid-19. The world’s leading power has also identified 69,160 new cases of coronavirus in 24 hours, a figure slightly down compared to the previous day.

The total number of infections diagnosed on American soil since the start of the pandemic is more than 4.5 million. After experiencing an improvement in late spring, the United States has seen the epidemic start to rise again since the end of June, particularly in the south and west of the country.

Hurricane in Florida

Florida is of particular concern, a concern made even more acute by the approach of Hurricane Isaias. She recorded 257 new deaths from the new coronavirus on Friday, a record in this tourist state.

It also has more than 470,000 cases detected since the start of the pandemic, overtaking New York, long the epicenter of the American epidemic in the spring.

Hurricane Isaias is expected to hit the east coast of the Florida peninsula on Saturday and Sunday, part of which a “hurricane vigilance” advisory has been issued. The “Sunshine State” has started to close Covid-19 screening centers, often set up in tents, in anticipation of the onset of inclement weather.

Borders remain closed

Faced with the surge in Covid-19 cases around the world, Canada said on Friday it had again extended the closure of its borders, except to Americans, until “August 31”, according to a decree published on Friday. The border with the United States, the country most bereaved by the pandemic, has been closed to non-essential travel since March 21 and must remain so until August 20.

The compulsory quarantine and isolation measure on entry into the country is effective until August 31.

Further south, Mexico recorded a new national record for coronavirus infections, with 8,458 additional cases recorded in 24 hours, the Mexican Secretariat of Health announced. This report brings to 424,637 the total number of infections recorded since the appearance of the virus in the country.

Mexico on Thursday became the third country in the world in number of deaths after the United States and Brazil, but ahead of the United Kingdom. Mexico, however, has a lower relative death rate than a number of countries in Europe and Latin America, with 356.8 deaths per million people, according to figures seen by AFP.

In Colombia, the number of deaths linked to Covid-19 surpassed the 10,000 mark on Friday. The Colombian health ministry recorded 95 deaths and 9,488 infections in the past 24 hours.

This report brings the total number of deaths to 10,105 and that of contaminations to 295,508. Containment has been in effect in Colombia by order of the government since March 25 and until August 30. However, this measure includes a growing number of exceptions that aim to revive an economy seriously affected by this confinement.

State of emergency in Okinawa

In Asia, a state of emergency was declared Friday for the tourist region of Okinawa in Japan following an “explosive spread” of the new coronavirus, authorities said. The population is invited to confine themselves for two weeks. According to the governor of the region, hospitals in the region are overwhelmed by this outbreak of contaminations.

The measures taken in Japan are not binding like those in Europe, but are still widely respected by the population. Most of the cases of Covid-19 detected on this island in the south of the archipelago were in American military bases, which generated tensions with the American representatives.

Japan has totaled around 35,200 contaminations and just over 1,000 deaths since the first case was detected in January. The number of infections has increased since the end of the state of emergency in May.


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