MPs earn more than 25 million euros

MPs earn more than 25 million euros

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Members of the Bundestag have already earned at least 25.1 million euros on the side in the current electoral term. This was reported on Monday by the “Spiegel” and the transparency portal ““. The basis is the information provided by parliamentarians on the Bundestag website.

Almost a third of them receive reportable income from part-time jobs in parallel to their mandate in the Bundestag. According to this, 215 of the 709 MPs currently state additional income – that is 30.3 percent. In an evaluation last year it was just under 28.5 percent.

Highest share of part-time jobs in the FDP

The proportion of part-time jobbers is highest in the FDP parliamentary group. More than half of the representatives there (53 percent) reported additional income. It was followed by the parliamentary groups of the CSU (50 percent) and the CDU (36 percent). The Greens are the parliamentary group in which the fewest MPs work part-time jobs subject to mandatory registration (13 percent).

Professional activities in addition to the Bundestag mandate are permissible according to the Deputies Act. However, parliamentarians must report their income for every activity if it is more than 1,000 euros a month or 10,000 euros a year.

The information is published in ten levels, the lowest level includes monthly income of 1,000 to 3,500 euros, the highest level income of more than 250,000 euros. Because of these levels, the exact amount of the MPs’ ancillary income is therefore not known.

Funders largely unknown

“” criticized that some of the MPs did not mention the sources of additional income. Freelancers such as lawyers or farmers can specify their contractual partners anonymously. Accordingly, the donors are unknown for at least 11.2 million euros.

“It is scandalous that some of our MPs collect considerable sums of money from anonymous sources,” said “” spokesman Roman Ebener. “All additional income must finally be completely on the table, including the donors.”

According to the evaluation, the additional income of parliamentarians with self-employment was particularly high. The list is headed by the CSU MP and tax advisor Sebastian Brehm, who received at least 3.1 million euros.

The farmers Hans-Georg von der Marwitz and Albert Stegemann (both CDU) and the managing director Carl-Julius Cronenberg (FDP) also reported seven-figure income. (dpa)

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