“My career has an expiration date”

Hernán Drago told the millionaire sum that they offered him for having sex with him

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Hernan Drago enjoy a present with great success and recognition in the media and by the public. The model works alongside Guido Kaczka in Welcome aboard And, as if this were not enough, he is also a panelist for “Pampita online”.

But also, Drago He is striking because he is separated from Bárbara Cudich, with whom he was in a relationship for 20 years and had two children with her, Luka and Lola. And, despite this, both continue to share the same house, a whole issue in times of quarantine.

However, Hernán He tells that the coexistence is harmonious, along with his ex and his children, and that he has fun with all the candidates who try to find him, both in Pampita’s program and in Guido’s.

It seems that to rebuild life is to be on the ear with someone, and not. I have already rebuilt my life, as a single. I don’t have any pressure, neither from times, nor from anyone. If it is, it will be when it has to be, to be in a relationship with someone again”, Indicated the model, in dialogue with Teleshow.

And he added, with respect to the flirtation that was entrusted to him with the journalist Alejandra Maglietti: “Regardless of the name, of course Ale Maglieti is a very beautiful woman, I do not allow myself to be pressured by the media or by what is said. I know very well what I want, and whoever it has to be with, I don’t want it to be through the media”.

But what you do know too the panelist is that his farewell to the media already has “due date”.

Yes, it has an expiration date, which does not mean that I enjoy it very much. But I am very clear that I want to spend my last years of life, in a few years, well relaxed in a cabin in the South, remembering with great emotion and joy each place, each person and each program that I have gone through.”, Revealed Drago.

And he ended by saying: “But above all, the affection that people have made me feel, and although it sounds nice to say it, I don’t know about others, but in my case it is like that, I receive a lot and it touches my soul. Therefore, whenever I can, as in this case, I start and close with a thank you to everyone for the messages they send”.


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