Nails ‘mix & no match’, the trend you can ask for if you have trouble choosing a design

Nails 'mix & no match', the trend you can ask for if you have trouble choosing a design

© Kylie Jenner – Instagram

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If you are a regular at trying new designs when it comes to manicures, surely you have ever felt indecisive when choosing color, drawing or illustration. Yes, nails are a whole world and, beyond the smooth styles, star-print manicures, those of tipo ‘midi’ or even the ‘tie-dye’, among many others, they hit it on Instagram.

Currently both the ‘celebs’ and social networks give us so much inspiration that, sometimes, it is difficult to opt for a specific model. If you feel identified with this, calm down, because we have found the perfect trend for undecided. It’s about the uñas ‘mix & no match’, which you can configure in your own way.

‘Mix & no match’ nails, the trend you can ask for if you have trouble choosing

One of the forerunners of this trend was Kylie Jenner. We know that everything that the businesswoman carries in her hands he ends up hitting it in beauty salons. Thus, the most famous manicurists began to create original designs for those who find it difficult to choose when getting their manicures.

The best thing about this trend is that you can make it more discreet or striking yourself, and even choose the theme that you like the most. In this case, the ‘influencer’ @overglowedit he tried pastel shades and motifs like happy faces or clouds, with a result of ten for the summer.

The stylist of Unistella dared to mix glitter with flowers, cherries and light colors.

Dua Lipa also anticipated this trend a few months ago, when she opted for eighties designs for her manicure. Do you dare to try it yourself?


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