“Nina” and “Lilly” in mortal danger




GZSZ- “Nina” and “Lilly” both unexpectedly put themselves in a very dangerous situation. Does it mean serial death for the two?

At GZSZ, “Terri”, “Ninas” (Maria Wedig) former cellmate, was released from prison unexpectedly. Now she is coming back – and not with good intentions.

Because “Terri” still has an open bill to settle with “Nina”, after all she had to be kept in solitary confinement because of her. But the situation also becomes unexpectedly dangerous for “Lilly” (Iris Mareike Steen). Do we even have to expect serial death?

GZSZ: “Nina” and “Lilly” are threatened with a weapon

“Good times, bad times” suddenly appears at “Nina’s” front door and orders her to transfer all of her savings to her. “Nina” recognizes the seriousness of the situation and of course responds to the request, because “Terri” is armed.

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There is only one small problem: To transfer “Terri” all her money, “Nina” has to go home. The double mother has kept a special pin in a folder, which she needs to withdraw larger amounts of money.

“Terri” skeptically agrees to go to the apartment with her. The two women are not alone there. “Lilly” also appears accidentally – she just wanted to get a pass from the apartment. “Terri” jumps immediately behind the door, but “Lilly” realizes that something is wrong.

In a desperate attempt to save “Lilly”, “Nina” shouts: “Get out, Lilly!”. But too late. “Terri” emerges from behind the door and points the gun at “Lilly”. Will the story of a GZSZ main character end again after the dramatic serial death of “Alex”?


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