NL considering authorizing donation of game to food banks

 NL considering authorizing donation of game to food banks

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SAINT-JEAN, NL – Food banks in Newfoundland and Labrador are being surveyed on their interest in receiving moose and other game meat for redistribution to those in need.

Eg Walters of the Community Food Sharing Association believes that moose meat would be a valuable source of quality protein for food bank beneficiaries, but he stresses that the logistics surrounding food safety and wildlife protection must be better defined.

The results of the food bank survey will help determine the next steps in this direction, he hopes.

A game meat distribution program exists in Nova Scotia and other parts of North America, but Newfoundland and Labrador regulations do not allow third party game donation.

Land Resources Minister Gerry Byrne has said if food banks show interest, he will make the necessary legislative changes.

Barry Fordham, a hunter who has been pressuring the provincial government for years to authorize such a program, said he was relieved to finally see an opening of the authorities in this matter.

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