“Not that increased tension in the Mediterranean, Turkey, Greece”


Foreign Ministry Spokesman Al Hami, which increases tensions in the Mediterranean side, not Turkey, and Greece.

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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Al Hami, which increases tensions in the Mediterranean side, not Turkey, and Greece.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Al Hami, “which increases the tension in the Mediterranean side, not Turkey, and Greece. “It is not for anyone to try to exclude our country from the Mediterranean, which has been under Turkish rule for centuries.”

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hami Aksoy answered the question about the Greek Foreign Ministry’s statement on Oruç Reis’s activities dated 10 August. Spokesman Al, Oruc Reis research vessel in the UN reported that the continental shelf and Turkey within the license area are given to TPAO in 2012, seismic research activities planned for the month of July, the President’s instruction was reported that in a while suspended.

Aksoy emphasized that this gesture of goodwill, which we made at the request of Germany and the EU to give diplomacy a chance and to revive the dialogue channels, did not respond, and the following statements were made:

“Greece has demonstrated that it is not sincere and honest in dialogue with Egypt on 6 August 2020. With this agreement, the continental shelf of our country and Libya in the Eastern Mediterranean was violated. today began as. Greece’s our activities to appeal has no legal basis. as we have expressed previously repeatedly to Meis Island is mainly Turkey’s continental shelf to cut the Greek islands in the region is contrary to the principle of equity that the basic principles of international law. goodwill shown by Turkey once again money from being unable to find movement, will continue to use the rights stemming from international law and will further advance decisively continue to do the planning framework of the activities. party that increase tensions in the Mediterranean, not Turkey, and Greece. located in the Turkish domination for centuries our country from the Mediterranean d It is not for anyone to try to embroider. Those who act with the understanding that “I am the sole owner of the Mediterranean” will be disappointed. Turkey will quickly overthrow destroyed the evil alliance formed against him have the facilities and capabilities with power and determination. ”

Aksoy stated that his military presence in the region does not aim to cause any escalation and is purely aimed at exercising his right to legitimate defense if necessary. He stated that military intervention on a civilian ship is naturally not allowed.



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