On Twitter, Bolsonaro returns to defend hydroxychloroquine and rebut criticism

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(Reuters) – In a series of tweets this Sunday, President Jair Bolsonaro again defended the use of hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of Covid-19 and attacked, without mentioning the name, Rede Globo, after the TV broadcaster criticized the president for conducting the fight against the pandemic the day before, when Brazil reached the mark of 100 thousand deaths from the disease.

The president began the sequence by stating that in the UK the Department of Health estimates that 16,000 people died in the most diverse ways because they did not have access to the public health system due to the pandemic, while 25,000 died from Covid-19.

Then, the president correlates this data with the lockdown imposed by authorities as a way to stop the spread of the virus. For him, the numbers mean that “the lockdown killed 2 people for every 3 in Covid in the UK”.

Even admitting that he does not have data of this type in Brazil yet, Bolsonaro then says that “the numbers would not be very different”.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in Brazil, the president has criticized governors and mayors who adopted quarantine measures to slow the spread of the virus, saying that the economic crisis resulting from the stoppage of activities would kill more than Covid-19.

According to the president, in Brazil there was no lack of resources, equipment and medicines for states and municipalities to face the pandemic. He then repeats a recurring statement from him that “there is no news, or it would be rare, of queues in hospitals for lack of ICU beds or respirators”.

He praised health professionals and managers who “did everything for the lives of others”, who would have acted “differently from that great TV network that only spread panic in the population and the discord among the Powers”, starting his attacks on Globo.

According to him, the station “disdained, debauched and discouraged” the use of hydroxychloroquine. Even admitting that there is “still no scientific proof” of the drug’s effectiveness, the president states outright that the drug “saved my life and, as reports, the lives of thousands of Brazilians”.

Bolsonaro announced on July 7 that he was with Covid-19 and immediately reinforced his defense of the use of hydroxychloroquine, including releasing a video in which he appeared taking a pill.

The president then points out that “disinformation kills even more than the virus itself” and says that “time and science will show us that Covid’s political use on this TV has brought us deaths that could have been avoided”.

Amid the tweets, the president pays tribute to military policemen killed on Saturday by stating that “we regret every death, whatever its cause, like that of the 3 brave military policemen executed in São Paulo”.

On Saturday, the presidents of the National Congress, Senator Davi Alcolumbre (DEM-AP), and the Supreme Federal Court, Dias Toffoli, mourned in honor of those killed by Covid-19.

On the other hand, Bolsonaro, at least publicly, on Saturday limited himself to retweeting a post from the Secretariat of Communication that said “we regret the deaths by Covid, as well as by other diseases. Our prayers and our efforts have the strength of a government that gives everything to save lives “. The publication also contained some general figures on the situation of the disease in the country.

Data from the Ministry of Health released on Saturday night show that Brazil has already recorded a total of 100,477 deaths from Covid-19 and 3,012,412 cases, making it the second country in the world most affected by the pandemic, behind only the United States.

(By Alexandre Caverni)


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