“One day he didn’t recognize me anymore” (video)


Matt Pokora, on the verge of tears, remembers his grandfather with Alzheimer's: "One day he didn't recognize me anymore" (video)

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Matt Pokora, on the verge of tears, remembers his grandfather suffering from Alzheimer’s: “One day, he no longer recognized me” (video)

Matt Pokora gave an interview to Brut. In this interview to coeur Openly, the singer spoke about his grandfather who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease when Matt was a child. Memories still painful for the artist. The latter has his what his grandpa was sick when he was 9 or 10 years old. But he didn’t realize the “ravages” of Alzheimer’s. He said that he said:He’s just going to forget some things. But over the years, growing up, I see that his car is taken from him … than it’s not just words he forgets. He begins to forget people, first names, what he did five minutes ago and then it gets worse “. “There are also times of dementia“, confided the companion of Christina Milian.

One day I arrived and he didn’t recognize me“, said the star, adding that he understood that day that this phase was going to be difficult for his family. When we arrived and my grandmother him said: “it’s Mathieu, it’s your grandson”. And he said: “Oh yeah. It will ? And school that will?“. And I answered him. And 40 seconds after: “And school is fine” … Five times in a row, until the address. Was, when you are 14 years old and may your grandfather see you. I remember walking out of the room and crying. It was hard“, clarified the singer.

But his grandfather, a professional soldier, remembered his past in the army.He told in detail the story of each medal, when he was in Indochina, his war wounds, etc“, Matt remembered.

During the last years of his life, his grandfather was placed in a center … “To see my grandfather like that in an armchair, staring into space … it i did it once and i said im sorry but i can’t see it like that anymore“, said the interpreter of the Planets, who now wants to make people aware of this problem. 7-month-old Isaiah’s father has partnered with a foundation that fights this disease.


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