one white and one fluorine lemon

one white and one fluorine lemon


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LaLiga and Puma are already working on the next season and today they have announced what will be the next balls in the competition. A first one is maintained in which white predominates with some electrifying nuances and then there will be another fluorine lemon color for special meetings such as derbies or Real Madrid-Barcelona.

The official ball of the competition and that will be used in the vast majority of both LaLiga Santander and LaLiga SmartBank matches during the 2020-2021 season It will be the Accelerate, in traditional white with some details in black and orange. “The ball is designed to adapt to precise and fast action, and is a symbol of how the game accelerates the heart rate of the spectators. Accelerate is a ball in a traditional target that presents the colors of the LaLiga logo integrated into the design as well as custom acceleration charts to show the explosive speed of the ball as it moves, “says LaLiga in his presentation.

Although there will be an alternative, it is the Adrenalina ball, which will only be used for special matches, such as the derbies (Madrid, Seville, Valencia …) and the Real Madrid-Barcelona. Those games that focus the attention of all the spectators of the world. According to its creators, “the design of this ball presents electrifying patterns that refer to the nerves of the human body to reflect the increase in heart rate and adrenaline that the body produces both in players on the field and in fans in the stands and in their houses”. Its color will be of fluorine lemon.

LaLiga points out that both modelss already have FIFA quality approval and the highest level of performance is guaranteed. “These balls are molded with high frequency to guarantee a perfect sphericity which supposes an excellent retention of the shape and less water absorption. A 1.2mm 3D textural PU surface has been integrated to improve aerodynamics, and increase resistance to abrasion and wear for durability. A newly developed POE foam is added. ”

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