Ponte San Giorgio open to traffic this evening at 10 pm

Ponte San Giorgio open to traffic this evening at 10 pm

Genoa frame bridge reopening

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Genoa frame bridge reopening

The new San Giorgio bridge in Genoa is open to traffic. The cars traveled from 10 pm on the viaduct built in record time on the Polcevera stream instead of the Morandi bridge, which collapsed on August 14 two years ago killing 43 people.

According to what has been learned, the reopening of the bridge has been postponed due to two depressions caused in the asphalt by some structures set up yesterday for the inauguration ceremony.

The dismantling of the structures that had been set up for the inauguration ceremony was completed on the viaduct. At 6pm, Autostrade per l’Italia resumed the management of the viaduct viability from the extraordinary commissioner for reconstruction and mayor of Genoa, Marco Bucci. Then followed the last inspection by Aspi. The director of Trunk Mirko Nanni, with some technicians, verified the correctness of the installation. At the end of the inspection, and after drafting the report, the bridge was reopened to traffic.

Yesterday the inauguration ceremony. Mattarella: “Work to remember”

43 names, read in silence one after the other. They are the victims of the Morandi Bridge, which collapsed on August 14 two years ago. Their names resounded under the tent set up for the ceremony, which inaugurated the new symbol of the city’s rebirth: the San Giorgio bridge, built in just under 24 months from that tragic morning.

In the front row, the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, Prime Minister Conte and the President of the Senate, Elisabetta Casellati.

Mattarella first met privately in the Prefecture with the Committee of family members of the victims of the collapse of Ponte Morandi. The family members had been invited to attend the inauguration ceremony, but they had opposed the refusal, because they believed that the event took a too festive address. After knowing the situation, Mattarella imposed a sober ceremony and the private meeting was born. At this point, the Committee agreed that the names of their dead relatives were read on the bridge.

Mattarella: “There is a strict and rigorous action to ascertain responsibilities”

“Responsibilities are not generic, they always have a name and a surname, they are always the result of actions or omissions,” Mattarella told them. “It is important for there to be severe and rigorous accountability action,” stressed the Head of State, assuring that the situation will follow “step by step”.

The inauguration of the Bridge “is not the closure of what happened but the consequence of what happened. And it is a way of remembering the tragedy: anyone who sees the Bridge in Genoa will always have in mind that the Bridge is there because another bridge has collapsed And the Republic will surely remember it, “said Mattarella again. “The bridge is not a cancellation of what happened, in fact in some respects the project includes it with the plaque commemorating the victims,” ​​he added.

“The President of the Republic has had affectionate words with us and has assured us that he will follow the story of the victims of the collapse of the Genoa bridge and that the State will not forget them and will not forget the family members” were the words, outside the prefecture, of Egle Possetti, president of the Morandi victim relatives committee.

At the inauguration ceremony, the President of the Chamber Roberto Fico as well as several ministers, including the owner of Infrastructures Paola De Micheli. On the bridge also the governor Giovanni Toti, the mayor and commissioner for reconstruction Marco Bucci and the architect and life senator Renzo Piano, the ‘dad’ of the new structure.

Before the ceremony, the notes of Fabrizio De Andre’s famous ‘Creuza de ma’ rang in Valpolcevera, starting from the speakers installed on the new Genova San Giorgio bridge, in pouring rain.

Count: admirable fruit of the Italian genius

The Genoa Bridge “is an admirable work, the result of Italian genius, of a virtuous collaboration between politics, local administration, business and work” said Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in his speech. “Genoa is the demonstration that our country knows how to get up and know how to run again”.

“We are not here just to cut a ribbon, our moved thought is addressed to the 43 victims and family members. This bridge gives us an image of strength and lightness. This bridge is the result of the strength of the work” added the premier.

“There is nothing that can extinguish the pain of losing a life, all the more so when the cause is the neglect and bad management of an asset that, being also public, should be guarded, managed, with particular care and particular attention” he added , recalling the dispute with Aspi. “It is also starting from this awareness that the government has deemed it necessary to conduct the complex procedure for challenging the defaults that caused the collapse of the bridge,” said the premier. “And just recently this procedure ended with the agreement to redefine the terms of the agreement, to bring the original concession relationship back into legal and economic balance, with the possibility of more effectively guaranteeing investments in ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, guaranteeing greater security for all citizens. We are also working to redefine the governance and control of the concession society. ”


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