Positive cases of coronavirus in the First Division

Positive cases of coronavirus in the First Division

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In the last hours River reported the only positive case of coronavirus in the campus, belonging to the youthful Ezequiel Centurión, who manifested it asymptomatically and is already isolated at his home. The goalkeeper of the Biggest is one of the 15 players in the First Division that up to now they suffer from the virus that affected a good part of the planet, and that they will not be able to start training from this Monday.

Who are the other 14 affected? The classic rival also has a single player who tested positive, and that is the midfielder Agustín Almendra. On the other hand, in Independiente two cases were registered: Fabricio Bustos and Mauro Molina, who tested positive a few days before the official swabs that each club did.

The team that suffered the most from the coronavirus has been Godoy Cruz, which has four positive cases; Valentín Burgoa, Agustín Álvarez, Marcelo Freites and Agustín Manzur. Banfield accumulates three: Federico Torres, Franco Quinteros and Nicolás Linares. Vélez adds Ricardo Álvarez and Thiago Almada to the list, while Argentinos reported that Gabriel Florentín and Daniel Saggiomo suffer from COVID 19.

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The list to date closes with Iván Bolaños and Diego Morales, Tigre players, and finally with Manuel Guanini, Newell’s defender. It should be noted that the 15 players mentioned have been asymptomatic, and none showed signs of seriousness in their health so far, for which they are only at home complying with the mandatory isolation.


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