Prepare a rich vegetable stock for PLANTS

Prepare a rich vegetable stock for PLANTS

Prepare a rich vegetable stock for PLANTS

Prepare a rich vegetable stock for PLANTS

Surely you have seen that watering plants with banana water, beer, milk or rice water is great for your plants to grow strong and healthy, but … what about vegetable broth for plants?

Consenting to your plants from time to time will make them very happy and their growth will be optimal.

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Prepare a vegetable broth for plants and watering your plants twice a week with that serves as fertilizer.


FOTO: Pixabay /agamaszota

Experts say the nutrients released by vegetables in the broth are perfect for nourishing your plants, and using it as irrigation water twice a week will help them more than you think.


PHOTO: Pixabay / Hans

How to prepare vegetable broth for plants?

Although it is practically the same, you should avoid adding salt and other seasonings. It is enough to put the vegetables to cook in a pot with water, let it cool and water.


PHOTO: Pixabay / zelaaulu

Vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals, which help plants with optimal development.

Consider that seasonings can have unfavorable reactions, so you should avoid them and not add them in this vegetable broth for plants.


FOTO: Pixabay /HeungSoon

Give this one a try vegetable broth for plants and pamper your garden. You will love the reusltado and your seedlings too.

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