Rise in contagions: Italy worries about being “surrounded”

Rise in contagions: Italy worries about being


Italy is worried about being “surrounded” by the increase in contagion to the coronavirus among its European neighbors. It remains closed to Balkan nationals and requires a quarantine for travelers from Romania and Bulgaria.

“France, Spain, Balkans: Italy is surrounded by contagions,” warns the daily Il Corriere della Sera on Monday, which publishes an infographic listing the number of new cases in the last two weeks in European countries. Spain is well in the lead, followed by Romania, France, Germany, Great Britain and Poland.

The peninsula, far behind, recorded two deaths on Sunday, the lowest toll since February 21, the date of the first deaths in the country. If the number of new cases is less good (+463 in 24 hours), the situation remains under control, according to the authorities. But “not to worry (about new cases from abroad) would be unconscious,” Health Minister Roberto Speranza told Corriere.

“Contagions on return”

The fear is indeed that new outbreaks are created from cases imported from neighboring countries, such as these thirty young Italians from Veneto (north-east) who went on vacation to Croatia and returned with the virus, whose history has been largely taken over by the Italian media.

“We must be ready: over the next two weeks, the number of contagions on return (from a trip abroad, editor’s note) will increase,” said Rodolfo Punzi, director of the infectious diseases department at Cotugno hospital. Naples (south), cited by La Stampa.

Italy has also imposed a cordon sanitaire with certain countries, closing its doors to travelers from Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, North Macedonia and Moldova. Those coming from Bulgaria and Romania must observe quarantine and medical monitoring.

On the front line during the arrival of the coronavirus in Europe, Italy is a good student with strict rules for wearing a mask and social distancing, even if behavior has relaxed with the arrival of summer and holidays. The newspapers are filled with photos showing overcrowded weekend beaches in Liguria (north-west), known for its seaside resorts.


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