Robert Trump, younger brother of the US president, has died

Robert Trump, younger brother of the US president, has died

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Robert Trump, the 71-year-old younger brother of the president of the United States, died yesterday evening, Saturday, August 15, in a hospital in New York. He had been hospitalized for a few days in very serious conditions due to a fall. Donald Trump visited him on Friday and managed to see him a few hours before his passing.

Robert Trump died, he was 71 years oldLast night, through a statement from the White House, his death was announced: “It is with immense pain that I announce that my wonderful brother, Robert, died peacefully. He was not only my brother, he was mine. best friend. We will miss him very much, but we will meet again. His memory will live on forever in my heart. Robert, I love you. Rest in peace. “In June, the 71-year-old had already been admitted to the intensive care unit of Mount Sinai hospital in New York for more than a week. According to the New York Times, the cause of death was due to a fall. incident Robert Trump was on blood thinning medications and had had some brain hemorrhages. According to a source in the American newspaper, the 71-year-old had not even been able to hold a telephone conversation in recent days. The White House has not yet ruled on the cause of death.

Robert, Donald’s reserved brotherRobert was born in 1948 and was two years younger than Donald. Often the victim of jokes by his older brother, the two were however linked by a deep affection, so much so that the president spoke of him as his best friend. Reserved, he was in charge of family affairs as executive director. He had been married and divorced after 25 years of marriage. He lived in Millbrook, in the Hudson Valley, not far from New York, with his former secretary, Ann Marie Pallan, who had married him last March. There were many solidarity initiatives in which husband and wife participated through a non-profit organization.

Completely different from his older brother Donald, perhaps that was what united them and made them complementary. Never became a father, but he had given his surname to the son of his first wife. Last year he was involved in a conflict of interest dispute but the case was later dismissed. Lately he had tried on behalf of his family to block the publication of a book strongly critical of Donald. However, it failed: the volume became a blockbuster in the United States. Also Ivanka Trump on Twitter he wanted to greet his beloved uncle one last time: “Uncle Robert, we love you. You will always be in our hearts and in our prayers”.


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