Shakira reaches historic milestone on YouTube

Shakira reaches historic milestone on YouTube

El Cata won lawsuit against Shakira

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El Cata won lawsuit against Shakira

30 million subscribers. Shakira’s official YouTube channel has just reached the historic mark: she is the first Latin singer to have so many “loyal” viewers.

In the last 12 months alone, the Colombian has accumulated more than 3.1 billion reproductions in its repertoire available on the platform. Mexico and Mexico City are, respectively, the country and city that most press play in the artist’s videos. Brazil ranks sixth.

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His most viewed clips are Waka Waka, the theme of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, and Blackmail (feat Maluma), both with 2.5 billion views. It accumulates other billion-dollar productions: La Bicicleta (1.3 billion, but this one on Carlos Vives’ channel), La La La (1.1 bi).

She is a talking queen, right?

Shakira was the victim of J Balvin’s debauchery

Billboard brought together members of the Black Eyed Peas last week, Maluma and J Balvin. The theme was the album Translation, the latest release by the American group, which features Latin artists on the tracklist.

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At one point, the interviewer asked the performers of Don’t Lie which of the two Colombians they had to be more flexible with. The answer was, “Actually, Shakira”.

And then the division between chaff and wheat begins. J Balvin began to laugh forcefully, in a sarcastic tone, causing discomfort among colleagues. “I never worked with Shakira, I imagine it is like that”.

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Maluma, visibly annoyed, said: “Hey, friend, this is not funny”. So clarifies that Milan and Sasha’s mother is very precise in what she wants and how she wants to work, and that this ends up being a school. “I learned a lot from her for the way she works. She arrives with arrangements and tells you: point number 1, here I would change that, point two, I would do it this way, and so on ”. Then, J Balvin laughs again and interrupts him saying: “And then you go back to point 1”.

It didn’t take long for the hashtag #JBalvinIsOverParty to become a trend on Twitter, while Maluma was applauded for the defense of his friend with whom he shared the hit Blackmail, Besides Clandestine e Trap.

The interplay between Shakira and J Balvin started about two years ago. In 2018, the reggaetonero made macho comments about Rihanna, saying she was not a woman to marry, “just to be well.” At the time, it was rumored that he was preparing a partnership with his compatriot, who canceled the project due to his statements.


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