She no longer wanted to be under her father’s tutelage: it failed

She no longer wanted to be under her father's tutelage: it failed

The singer intends to free herself from the tutelage of Jamie Spears. Justice ruled against him.

The singer had experienced a very bad patch in 2008 which had led her to the hospital.

The singer had experienced a very bad patch in 2008 which had led her to the hospital.

American pop superstar Britney Spears, 38, has lived under her father’s tutelage for over 10 years. Today, she seeks to modify the terms of this agreement which governs her professional and private life. Tuesday, August 18, 2020, his lawyer, Samuel Ingham, asked the justice to withdraw his father, Jamie, from the trusteeship agreement, to appoint in his place Jodi Montgomery, a professional guardian. The latter has already managed the affairs of Britney Spears on a temporary basis for about a year, the singer’s father having had health problems.

“We’re now at the point where the Trusteeship needs to be drastically changed to reflect the major changes in his current lifestyle,” the attorney wrote in documents filed with a Los Angeles court. According to him, among these changes is in particular the wish of the singer, who announced to take an unlimited professional break in January 2019, not to go on tour. The lawyer added that Britney Spears “strongly objected” to her father’s resumption of his role as guardian once Ms. Montgomery’s term expired on August 22, 2020. “Without giving up his right to seek to put end of curatorship in the future, Britney would like the appointment of Ms. Montgomery as tutor to become permanent, ”he said. The singer “strongly prefers” that the control of her finances be entrusted to someone other than her father, according to the lawyer.

Unfortunately for the star, as reported TMZ, the court decided on a status quo Wednesday, August 19, 2020. Concretely, therefore, nothing changes and Jamie Spears remains the official curator of his daughter.

Curatorships are generally put in place to protect the elderly, people who are very ill or have mental problems. As a reminder, the singer had gone through a bad patch in 2008 and had to be briefly hospitalized before putting her life back in order and leading a more discreet existence. In addition, fans of the singer have in the past demonstrated under the slogan “Free Britney” (“Free Britney” in French).


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