Siemens Healthineers plans to buy U.S. cancer specialist Varian

Siemens Healthineers plans to buy U.S. cancer specialist Varian

Portugal: Rising demand for food aid

Most beautiful summer weather in Europe, but far and wide no tourists on the beach. The Algarve region in southern Portugal, like many others, is currently in trouble. Unemployment rose by 232 percent in May compared to the previous year. Corona pandemic affects businesses and people. The economic consequences of the pandemic are causing many families to ask for food aid. The profile of those in need of support has changed and there is a high level of undercover poverty. Cristina is 25 and has a baby, she now only gets half of her salary: “Before I had a good life. I had a wage … of about 700 euros. In the meantime they have reduced our working hours, we are part-time. Then I started getting less than the minimum wage. ” With the support of social organizations like Refood, the impact of the pandemic can be mitigated a little. In Faro, the organization now supplies 330 instead of 114 people with food, 96 of them are children. And the number continues to grow. Paula Matias, Coordinator at Refood: “We have a new reality. Now we have more and more middle class people who have never been in a situation where they have had to ask for help or have been unable to feed their children.” According to aid organizations, the crisis also affects willingness to donate. There is less donation. During the crisis, neither people nor companies have the capacity to help in the past.



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