Spain adds a week with more than a thousand positives a day while the autonomies try to ‘reduce’ the continuous outbreaks

the CC AA look for how to stop the outbreaks

A healthcare provider awaits the arrival of patients to perform PCR tests in Zaragoza.

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A healthcare provider awaits the arrival of patients to perform PCR tests in Zaragoza.

The month of August advances and, with it, the new infections by coronavirus, that have a week over a thousand daily notifications. There are four communities -Aragón, País Vasco, Madrid and Cataluña- which contribute a large part of the cases to the global count, although with outbreaks in all the autonomous regions and practically all the provinces, the situation is delicate throughout the national territory.

A Madrid health doctor puts on PPE.

A Madrid health doctor puts on PPE.

The situation acquires a further degree of concern, if possible, when taking into account that we are just over two weeks before the beginning of September, the month in which students of all educational levels should return to classrooms and the majority of workers to their jobs, two circumstances that will increase current mobility as well as the number of crowds. In addition, there is the ghost of increased pressure on the health system, a circumstance that would be terrible for health professionals who have not yet recovered from the harsh situation that occurred last spring.

App Radar Covid

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App Radar Covid

As experts have been pointing out for days, with This scenario is essential to control the transmission of the virus as soon as possible. Hence practically every day new populations or regions are confined, the work of contact tracers is reinforced and massive PCR tests are started.

These are being the most used tools in recent weeks by the authorities. On the table, a unique but complex task: locating asymptomatic people, who represent the greatest challenge at this time of the pandemic, to stop the infections.

With the aim of registering the largest number of asymptomatic patients possible, the Generalitat began this Tuesday to carry out mass PCR tests in Vilafranca del Penedès, where an outbreak classified as “complex” has emerged.

In this Barcelona population, Public Health experts work with a single objective: to cut the chain of transmission of the virus, Hence, a priority test is being carried out on people between 19 and 40 years old, that they are asymptomatic and that in the last days they have maintained social contacts without respecting the distance, without a mask, in closed spaces for a long time or in meetings between friends or crowds and as long as they have not been in contact with any positive case.

Active coronavirus outbreaks in Spain as of August 11, 2020.

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Active coronavirus outbreaks in Spain as of August 11, 2020.

In Aragon they work in the same direction. With the National and Local Police in Zaragoza controlling compliance with confinements of positives and suspected cases, the Army began this Tuesday to set up a tent in the parking lot of the Clinical Hospital, a reference center for thousands of residents of the Aragonese capital and its surroundings, in case the epidemiological situation worsens even more.

Both Catalonia and Aragon, which has accounted for 72% asymptomatic patients, were moderately optimistic about a situation that they consider to be quite controlled, although they called not to lower their guard and continue working to reverse the trend by controlling transmission.

Along the same lines is the whole of the State, which this Tuesday launched the mobile application ‘Radar Covid’, a utility that uses the bluetooth technology of mobiles to notify its users if they have been within two or three meters of an infected person in the fourteen days prior to a new diagnosis. Until this Tuesday, half a million downloads had already been recorded for Android devices, despite the fact that the ‘app’ is not yet fully operational.

The exciting reunion of an old man in a residence with his family

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The exciting reunion of an old man in a residence with his family

Madrid also tries to cut the upward trend of infections that is the trend in recent days. In this sense, it is reinforcing the trackers staffthrough a contract to a private company that has unleashed a political storm) and continues to demand from the central government more control measures at the Barajas airport, since according to the data provided by the regional Executive, 120 cases have reached Madrid in this way.

In addition, hospitals such as October 12 have activated their internal contingency plans to reschedule non-urgent surgical interventions due to the possibility of receiving a spike in income from Covid patients.

An attempt is also made to stop the outbreaks declared in nursing homes due to their lethality. This Tuesday, bad news was known in this regard, and that is a transfer of the elderly from one residence to another to control an outbreak of the virus has ended up causing another outbreak at the destination.

The Community, like other regions, also continues to spread awareness campaigns on the use of masks and other safety measures against the virus, especially among the youngest. Especially when, according to the data handled by the Ministry of Health, The average age of confirmed Covid-19 cases in Madrid in the last 14 days is 35 years.


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