Start going to the gym in October and not in September (for all these reasons)

Start going to the gym in October and not in September (for all these reasons)

9 months have passed since resolutions you made in january and it is very likely that life has passed you by and you have not been able to fulfill them. Or you may have an iron will and you have been faithful to your promises. Be that as it may, it is also very likely that this vacation you have been extremely relaxed and have you had more beers, wines, gin and tonics, ice cream, fried and sausages on the account. That is, you have been happier than the account. And without a doubt those excesses have stuck to your anatomy.

If you have entered this article it is because you are thinking about go to the gym in September to try to get back to normal and get rid of those kilos that have added to your anatomy this summer.

But paying tuition this month may not be the best decision. It may be best to watch your diet and watch your caloric intake before killing yourself in the gym. That is, you go on a diet in September, lose the extra kilos, regain healthy habits and, when you’ve done it, then yes, go to the gym.

In September, control the calories of more

In this meta-study in which 20 other scientific works are analyzed and compared in which different weight loss strategies, the bottom line is clear: calorie restriction is the most effective method of losing weight . The other systems compared? Exercising, using dietary supplements, consuming specific medications or following high-protein diets. This last system was the second most effective.

Calorie restriction is more effective because burning calories in a gym is not as easy as it seems e. A 30 minute run at 8 kilometers per hour it is an expenditure of 300 calories. In addition, this effort will trigger your hunger, and the consequent food intake, with the consequent problem in the caloric balance. In other words, you will become like the kiko and what you run will not help you.

Those 300 calories They can also be lost if we cut the consumption of sugary sodas, for example. Each can of this type of drink can provide up to 200 calories. The same happens if we eat a mid-morning sandwich with white bread (another 200 calories). If we don’t eat a chocolate bar, we will save up to 250 calories. And if we stop drinking thirds of beer, we will not consume 150 empty calories. A gin and tonic? 200 calories per bag.

If we can reduce sugar consumption and cut alcohol, We will reduce our weight naturally, almost without realizing it. The caloric expenditure that our body (about 2,000 calories per adult) needs will cause us to lose weight without realizing it. And if we add a light exercise -We are talking about getting off a stop before the subway, not using elevators or walking 30 minutes a day at a good pace- we will achieve the goal.

Honors are awarded if you can add vegetables, pasta, white meat, fish and legumes to your diet, you will be doing the perfect preseason so that all the exercise you do will serve you.

The key: diet now and join the gym in October

Once achieved weight loss and food stability, it’s time to join the gym. If you have managed to take care of your diet, you will weigh less and it will cost you less to face a spinning class or get on the treadmill. And most important of all, when you finish your exercise sessions and you’re starving, you will not rush for the most caloric and detrimental foods for your health.

This is witnessed This studio which analyzed the weight loss of several overweight people over a year. In the work it is concluded that those who had a healthy diet -Not restrictive- and then they did physical exercise they lost more kilos than those who followed other strategies. Those who followed a restrictive diet managed to lose weight quickly but gained it just as quickly. Those who exercised but did not control their diet Not only did they not lose, but they gained pounds quickly.

So it seems clear that if you want to get back in shape or lose weight, you must take this September as a moment to feed you well again, abandon summer vices and do a moderate exercise in your day to day. Once you’ve done it, in October, you can go to the gym and give it your all.

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