Tel Aviv city hall lights up in the colors of Lebanon

Tel Aviv city hall lights up in the colors of Lebanon


The Israeli metropolis Tel Aviv lit up its city hall on Wednesday evening in the colors of the Lebanese flag in solidarity with the country of the Cedars. The two countries are still technically at war, in the aftermath of two deadly explosions in Beirut.

In the evening, the large facade of the town hall was illuminated with two red bars encircling a green cedar on a white background, as Israelis gathered nearby in Rabin Square in solidarity with Lebanon, AFP reported.

“Humanity comes before any conflict and our hearts are with the Lebanese people following the terrible disaster that struck them,” Mayor Ron Huldai, member of the Labor Party, tweeted before the event.

According to the Lebanese authorities, some 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate, stored “without precautionary measures” in the port of Beirut, are at the origin of the two blasts which left more than 100 dead and thousands of wounded on Tuesday. , devastating part of the city.

Condolences from Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, meanwhile, offered the government’s condolences to the Lebanese people on Wednesday during a debate in parliament.

The day before, the Israeli government had called to “overcome the conflict” by offering “humanitarian and medical aid” to Lebanon, a neighboring country with which it remains technically at war and whose common border remains highly militarized. Government sources had denied any involvement of the Hebrew state in the explosions in Beirut.

“Confusion morale”

The Tel Aviv initiative does not seem to gain consensus in Israel, notably being denounced by a minister of the unity government led by Mr. Netanyahu, Rafi Peretz.

“It is possible and necessary to offer humanitarian aid to Lebanese civilians, but waving the flag of the enemy in the heart of Tel Aviv is moral confusion,” Mr. Peretz wrote on Twitter on Wednesday. small formation of the radical right.

In 2006, a war opposed Israel to the Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah, killing 1,200 people on the Lebanese side and 160 on the Israeli side. The Hebrew state recently announced that it was on alert at the Lebanese border, claiming in particular to have foiled a “terrorist” attack and opened fire on armed men who crossed the “Blue Line” separating Lebanon and Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attributed the infiltration to Hezbollah who denied any involvement.


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