TF1 is preparing a fiction on the Fourniret affair

TF1 is preparing a fiction on the Fourniret affair

Filming for the TV movie with François-Xavier Demaison and Philippe Torreton starts on August 10, 2020.

TF1 will start filming on Monday August 10, 2020 of “Fourniret, the hunt“, Based on the various facts around Michel Fourniret, and from the novel” La Mésange et l’ogresse “byHarold Cobert (Editions PLON).

On June 26, 2003, Michel Fourniret was arrested for attempted kidnapping of a minor. He risks, at best, only a few months in prison. Yet the police are convinced they are dealing with a serial killer. But they have no proof … Fourniret admits nothing, does not crack. One person, however, must know: his wife, Monique Olivier. What does she know? Is she a witness? Partner in crime ? But above all, how to get her to speak?

The countdown begins and begins a real psychological hunt to bring down one of the most famous and enigmatic serial killers in history.

At the casting, we will find Francois Xavier Demaison (Commissioner Yann Declerck), Melanie Bernier (Police Captain Margaux Nielsen), Isabelle Gelinas (Monique Fourniret), Philippe Torreton (Michel Fourniret), and Yves Renier (prosecutor Arnaud Costenoble).


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