The 5 worst parenting mistakes

The 5 worst parenting mistakes

There are a number of things you can do wrong with raising cats.

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There are a number of things you can do wrong with raising cats.

Cats are considered headstrong and stubborn. Therefore, a few things should be considered when raising the house tiger.Does your cat have a mind of its own? That’s a good thing, because the fur noses are independent animals, who don’t like to be said. Nevertheless, many owners do not want to be danced around and therefore try to train their cat. However, some mistakes could be made.

5 signs your cat trusts you

The cat scratches the wallpaper and possibly also destroys the furnishings? Or is she just jumping on the kitchen table? Behaviors that shouldn’t be accepted. However, if you want to show your furry friend their limits, you should be careful to avoid these 5 mistakes.

Yelling at cat

Sometimes you feel the need to loudly express your anger. But if your cat has done something wrong, yelling at her afterwards doesn’t help at all. This will only confuse or frighten the cat, as she may not understand the reason for the outburst. Cats also have very fine hearing. Extremely loud noises can therefore even be painful for the fur noses.

Educate inconsistently

Nothing throws you back in the upbringing of cats more than inconsistency, because through it the fur nose does not learn where its limits are. The reason: If you let go of what you prohibited the day before, the cat will not understand what it is doing wrong. Instead, you should set up clear rules and train them again and again until the cat has internalized them.

Misuse of rewards

This error should be observed not only with cats, but also with pets in general. If you want to train or train your furry friend on something, it helps to reward them when they have done something right, for example with a treat. But be careful: the reward must be used correctly. If you give your cat the snack too late, she will not be able to associate the recognition with her behavior beforehand.

Wrong penalties

In general, one should be careful when punishing fur noses. Violence and brutality are absolute no-gos, as they frighten the cat and permanently destroy trust in the owner. You should also definitely avoid spraying your cat wet. Better: A clear no or interrupt the fur nose directly in the event of their wrongdoing, for example taking them directly from the table after they jumped on it. Ignoring it can also cause the cat to interrupt its action.

To be impatient

Similar to raising small children, there is no point in putting the cat under pressure because you want to recognize developments as quickly as possible. On the contrary, if you overstrain your fur nose and build up pressure, it could react stubbornly and irritably. Therefore: Take the smallest possible steps and celebrate the small successes with your house cat.

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