The 6 best ways to get rid of facial hair

The 6 best ways to get rid of facial hair

Removing facial hair: how it works

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Removing facial hair: how it works

Facial hair? Completely normal, they all have. If they bother you anyway, we will give you the best tips for removing your facial hair.A look in the mirror can trigger very different thoughts in us. There are days when we feel more beautiful and less on other days. Sometimes they bother us pucker, sometimes it’s the facial hair that catches your eye. The growth of ours Facial hair is hormonally dependent and very different for everyone – it is probably also obvious that not everyone of us thinks it is so beautiful and luckily we don’t have to! There are a number of methods to counteract facial hair growth. We will explain to you below The six best treatments for removing a beard and co .:

The 5 best methods to remove facial hair

As we have already emphasized, every body is different and every feeling. Therefore, you should first look at the available methods inform and only then decide which one is right for you. Some of us are particularly sensitive to pain, others do not tolerate various ingredients or generally prefer a certain way to Hair removal. A decision, tailored to your personal characteristics, ensures a smooth and optimal process. You may also consider these six treatments:

  • Shave facial hair
  • Epilate facial hair
  • Remove facial hair with depilatory cream
  • Have facial hair lasered
  • Remove facial hair with sugaring
  • Bleach facial hair
  • Let’s take a closer look at the six methods.

    1. Shave facial hair

    Razor on the face? Not only men can do that! Our unwanted facial hair can also be removed quickly and easily. It is only important here that this is a Nassrasur acts, because anything else would only irritate your face unnecessarily and in the worst case leads to injuries. This method is also not recommended for acne or rash. For a successful shave on the face, the choice of razor should not be underestimated. Our recommendation: the razor from Esters. Razors for women are often overpriced and rarely of really good quality – it’s different with Estrid. Now you just need the right shaving gel and off you go. By the way: Don’t forget to take care of it afterwards! Gives your face a lot of moisture and soothes the skin with aloe vera.

    2. Epilate facial hair

    You shouldn’t be too sensitive to pain, because plucking with it epilator can hurt quite a bit for now, but the result will last up to 4 weeks on. In addition, the pain becomes less with time, because the hair grows thinner and softer, in contrast to the razor, and does not hurt so much anymore. Another advantage is that you can do it easily from home and can also use the Eplierer for any other body hair. Please note that your epilator has a face attachment.

    3. Depilatory cream for the face

    The fight against facial hair couldn’t be easier! Enthaarungscremes are easy to use, painless and you don’t really need a lot of time, except for a few beauty minutes in the bathroom. Apply – soak – wash off and you’re done. Tip: Tree purchase must pay attention to the quality of the product and read again more carefully. It is also a good idea to test the cream on a small area on your face before using it in case you should react to it.

    4. Remove facial hair with lasers

    Lasers on the face? That is also an option. Of course, you could also take this treatment from home, but we wouldn’t recommend that. The risk of incorrect use can be particularly great on the face. So rather look for a studio you trust, get detailed advice and have it treated there! The Laser hair removal can between 6 to 10 sessions need and also varies considerably in cost. Between € 50 and € 150 can cost one session, depending on hair texture and studio. Dermatologists also offer laser treatment for the face. Better invest a little more money than that you are unhappy with the result afterwards. You can find out everything else about the exact process and the different techniques from the professional. We also have a few tips that you should keep in mind:

    • The darker the hair, the better (a laser is often unsuccessful with blonde hair)
    • The hair must not be epilated or plucked for about 4 – 6 weeks (shaving is allowed)
    • Care products and the like should be avoided immediately before treatment
    • Neither sun nor solarium for 4 – 8 weeks before and after the treatment

    5. Remove facial hair with sugaring

    … instead of with Waxing? It’s also an option, but Sugaring we think especially for the face as a more sensitive procedure, which also means “clenching teeth”, but is nevertheless much gentler on the skin. The following article explains everything you need to know:

    6. Bleach facial hair instead of shaving

    Another option is to bleach the small, dark hairs instead of shaving them off. So they are much less visible. You can find all the information here:

    Feel beautiful with facial hair

    Who actually defines whether facial hair is beautiful or not? That should only be us. Such methods are there to make us feel more beautiful, especially for ourselves and not for others. So if your facial hair doesn’t bother you at all, the best way is to just leave it where it is!

    Find out more about effective hair removal here:


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