the CBAS rejects the action brought by the Gauls!


The Excelsior Virton saga is over: the CBAS rejected the appeal of the Gaumais club, deeming it inadmissible.

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The fate of the Excelsior Virton was played out this Tuesday with a new legal action which was to be studied by the Belgian Court of Arbitration for Sport. But Gaum’s hopes were dashed: The future informs us this Thursday evening that Virton’s request was deemed inadmissible by the CBAS, which returns de facto the Excelsior in D2 Amateurs.

The Excelsior Virton also brought an action for interim relief, which should be judged on August 13 … but the outcome of which is no longer in doubt. Virton’s long saga is over and the club won’t play in D1B next season.


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