The death of a relative by Coronavirus hits Diego Maradona

Kitty, Diego Maradona's sister, has coronavirus

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Without a doubt, this Wednesday, August 12, will be remembered as one of the saddest and most gray days for the family of Diego Maradona as after fighting for days against the Coronavirus, Raúl Machuca, Diego’s brother-in-law and Kitty Maradona’s husband, as Rita is called her older sister, passed away due to complications from the disease. At the age of 77, he had been in a hospital in Vicente López for more than 20 days.

According to Infobae, Raúl was a risk patient since he was hypertensive and was overweight. That is why he always respected the quarantine to the letter and The only one who left the family home was Kitty who also has Coronavirus but is fine. Although it could never be clarified how he was infected, both he and his wife tested positive at the end of July.

Kitty, Diego Maradona's sister, has coronavirus

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Kitty, Diego Maradona’s sister, has coronavirus

Machuca had been taken to the Sanatorio La Torre, in the North of Greater Buenos Aires, with severe pneumonia. There, he was assisted by Leopoldo Luque, Diego’s family doctor, and swabbed. As it transpired Kitty despite having the virus is in perfect condition, but, of course, with pain that will be difficult to heal.


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