The escapist and the cunning woman in Robinson Crusoe’s Argentina

The escapist and the cunning woman in Robinson Crusoe's Argentina

VIOR LETTERS TUESDAY 4-8-20 WEB-Day-after-Coronavirus-pandemic

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VIOR LETTERS TUESDAY 4-8-20 WEB-Day-after-Coronavirus-pandemic

After the dark Middle Ages, still marked by the scars of the Black Death (1347-1353), the Renaissance, the age of harmony, came in Italian cities. Sometimes Argentina, struck by catastrophes, was reborn from the ashes.

On February 23, 1944, an earthquake destroyed an entire city, to its foundations. The tragedy of San Juan was like a symbol of an Argentina plagued by fraud and misery. On February 24, 1946, through clean ballot boxes, a formation came to the government that promoted forms of social justice for a society – born of intense internal immigration – that demanded them. On June 14, 1982, the Argentine army surrendered in Malvinas culminating in the sacrifice of almost a thousand young people, a sordid period of dictatorship, cruelty, political backwardness, indignity. On October 30, 1983, Raúl Alfonsín buried the plague of uniformed Caesarism.

It seems that, around here, life is born only from great pain. In this sinister 2020 we are rushing the bitter fruits of our last two political cycles. Corruption, poverty, hunger, inflation, recession. And above, the curse of the pandemic. We only have the remains of the shipwreck. So, what to do?

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I propose: austerity, solidarity, patience, perseverance. And above all, equality. Because inequality in misfortune is a passport to confrontation and its colorary, disintegration.

Let the pain be shared. Cool for those who want to take advantage of their fallen neighbor. Hence the bad vibes that Mauricio Macri transmitted with his trip to Europe. That a rich man pays his tastes is one thing. You can do whatever you want with your millions. We know that Argentines sometimes project themselves into a rich man. How many rich have been popular. It was Marcelo Torcuato de Alvear who when he was elected president, in 1922, lived in Paris. He returned to the Massilia and was acclaimed. Of course it was the twenties, the last happy decade… When Eva Perón, a second-rate actress, reached the top, she dressed like queen for her triumphant European tour.

When Peronism was overthrown in 1955, its jewels were displayed to denigrate it. But, meanwhile, the corpse was kidnapped and harassed. Of course, the myth emerged unscathed, indeed, strengthened.

We all know that justice in Argentina needs to be reformed. Justice is not a remote ideal: it is the food that must be paid, the debts that must be collected, protection against crime, elementary forms that societies have formed over centuries so that life in society is not a jungle.

In Argentina the trials are eternal. A reform of justice is essential but be careful if a reform project hides a particular advantage, if there is any trick in the distribution of that basic bread. Operating on the Court to improve the procedural situation itself, riding on the need for reform is a show of cunning. A fanned, boys would say. Cunning was always the great virtue K (going south to earn money when things went wrong, taking advantage of the Argentine necrophilia when Néstor died, inventing a gambit (Alberto president, me vice) to win in 2019.

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Today we are many, in Argentina, workers without a factory, students without a career, filmmakers without a producer, writers without an editor, painters without a gallery. Hoteliers without guests. In the midst of disaster, with the flames of the fire still alive, the ruler can make mistakes and stumble. Nobody supposes that it is easy to govern living with a recession of years and with a universal pandemic. But beware of those who are not equanimous.

What does this word mean? Equanimous comes from Latin and means serene person in the middle of a crisis. Being fair is not being fair, a quality that in today’s confused world is perhaps reserved for the gods. To be fair is to rectify if you have erred, it is not to hurt with flagrant injustices and it is to reject privileges.

We do not see equanimity in a millionaire who claims to work for a ghostly organization linked to a mafia (right, Mr. Infantino?) And is going to be quarantined on the Costa Azul when we cannot even go to Calamuchita. 0 in a process whose lawyer is nominated to reformulate a Supreme Court which he uses to multiply Chicanas. In these examples we see, on the contrary, an escapist and a cunning woman.

Argentina is in the situation of that Robinson Crusoe who, trapped on the island, sees a ship appear on the horizon, and screams and screams but is not heard. And the ship turns and goes away. And the Argentine Robinsons keep looking at the horizon. And our drivers. Without anger but without complacency. This is what has touched us. What we have chosen. In October 2021 it will be our turn to comment.


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