The famous rapper Dr. Dre divorces and his ex claims a trillion dollars

The famous rapper Dr. Dre divorces and his ex claims a trillion dollars


Days ago the news was known that Nicole Young, wife of the rapper and producer André Young popularly known as Dr. Dre, She had requested a divorce after 24 years of marriage and although it seemed that the duo would reach an agreement, now it transpired that the woman is requesting the sum of 1 billion dollars as support.

The woman would have been forced to sign a pre-nuptial agreement in 1996, which is far from the sum now worth of the assets obtained. together with the artist: “I was extremely reluctant, resistant and afraid to sign the agreement and I felt cornered. Given Andre’s extraordinary pressure and intimidation, I had no choice but to hire a lawyer and involuntarily sign the agreement shortly before our marriage, “she said. the woman as reported by the TMZ portal.

Despite this, from the rapper’s side they affirm that the woman was never forced to sign anything and that she had her own lawyer to reverse any situation that was not to her liking. According to sources consulted by the aforementioned outlet, Dre will pay the spousal support and all his expenses, but Nicole is asking the judge to separate the divorce from the prenuptial matter.

The couple married in May 1996, and they had two children, a son named Truth, born in 1997, and a daughter named Truly who was born in 2001.


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