The FOPH is under great pressure, explains Alain Berset

The FOPH is under great pressure, explains Alain Berset


The publication of erroneous figures on Covid-19 infections will have consequences within the Federal Office of Public Health (OFSP). This is what Federal Councilor Alain Berset announced on Tuesday.

This publication by the FOPH was unfortunate. An error has occurred and it is important to notice and correct it, said the Minister of Health on the RTS program “Forum” and in the interview published on the German-speaking television site SRF, broadcast in the program “10 vor 10”. According to him, however, the fault was quickly discovered.

“Great pressure”

It is now a question of making adaptations. The case will also have organizational consequences for the FOPH. However, you should also know that the FOPH is under great pressure, with hundreds of press requests every day.

Last Friday, the FOPH published a table according to which the risk of becoming infected is greatest in nightclubs and restaurants. On Sunday, the office corrected its claims and clarified that the majority of infections actually take place within families.

Regarding the stricter measures adopted by certain cantons to fight against the coronavirus, Mr. Berset denies that there is a cacophony: the Federal Council has set rules valid for all of Switzerland, this was the case for example for transport public.

But it is up to the cantons to assess the situation on the spot and be able to act when the cases of infections increase. They do it well, believes the Minister of the Interior. There are cantons where strengthening measures is not justified.

“Federalism works”

Geneva, for example, has responded well to the increase in cases by closing clubs and quickly imposing the wearing of masks. It shows that federalism works. The decision to make the pupils wear the mask is also a matter for the cantons, says Berset.

At the federal level, there are other problems than the wearing of masks in schools: in particular travelers returning from abroad, the minister noted.

The entire population must continue to make an effort, respect distances and hygiene measures: “We are not going to get rid of the virus as quickly as we want”.


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