The French benevolent towards Jean Castex … for now

The French benevolent towards Jean Castex ... for now

Relatively popular according to the polls, Jean Castex could quickly suffer, against the backdrop of the crisis, from a lack of results.

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Relatively popular according to the polls, Jean Castex could quickly suffer, against a background of the crisis, from a lack of results.

Must prove itself. Here is how public opinion considers, one month after his appointment, Jean Castex, whose entry into the political atmosphere went smoothly, despite the difficulties. At least at this point. According to a Harris Interactive-Epoka survey released Wednesday, the most flattering for him since his appointment, Castex enjoys the confidence of 56% of respondents, against 51% for Philippe a month earlier. “He begins his arrival with very violent headwinds: defeat of LREM in the municipal elections, economic and social crisis, potential resumption of the Covid and a predecessor, Edouard Philippe, very appreciated, summarizes Jean-Daniel Lévy, director of the political department and opinion of Harris Interactive Institute. But the level of confidence in him is higher than that of Philippe at the time of his departure, the French appreciate him and have heard his words on the territories or on his peaceful relationship to social relations. “

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49.4% satisfaction, according to the average of the surveys

If the new head of government only points to 33% satisfaction in the Ipsos barometer for Point published last week, it is also because 40% of those polled, not knowing it, “do not speak”. According to the average, established by the JDD, of the five surveys carried out since his appointment, Castex is at 49.4% satisfaction.

“It responds to requests for dialogue and listening and to the promise of a new path, decrypts Brice Teinturier, Deputy CEO of Ipsos France. His less techno style emphasizing concrete and common sense solutions and proximity corresponds to a long-standing expectation of the French. And this while Macron had been accused of looking at France from above. “

“A potential or a reprieve”

A generally positive outlook, therefore. But for how long? “In the first two or three months, popularity is not a capital: it is a potential or a reprieve, analyzes Chloé Morin, opinion specialist and expert associated with the Jean-Jaurès Foundation. see. We are more on hopes, on things that people project into him. The difficulty will be to materialize. “

The main stakeholder is not unaware of it, obsessed with the question of the “last mile”, and confronted with the most serious economic crisis since the Second World War – and, potentially, with a rapid reversal of the opinion. “The French do not yet fully perceive the coming crisis, diagnoses Jean-Daniel Lévy. When they will be confronted with reality, their outlook will be very different. And the question that will arise will be: ‘Is the government act or not? ‘”Hence a constant activity. “Castex is trying to be ultra-present to prevent the inaction lawsuit which will certainly happen at the end of August, when people return from vacation and find themselves in the midst of an economic crisis, warns Chloé Morin. But it’s a trap. The more he does. communication, the more likely it is to exasperate people who will lack concrete results. ” Castex, risks and perils …


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