The new generation of television that earns “more than a doctor”

The new generation of television that earns

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Lola Ortiz, contestant of Survivors 2015 and one of the most popular tronistas de Women and men and vice versa, has raised a great stir in recent days after the statements he made in an interview conducted by his own friend Noel Bayarri. In this, the Canary Islands revealed the high amounts of money that it earns thanks to social networks.

The 30-year-old did not hesitate to tell what she was making per month after going on television and becoming ‘famous’, and stated: “I earn more than a doctor.” Her friend pointed out that other girls of the same popularity and profile usually earn “between 3,000 and 5,000 euros per month” for uploading post The stories to Instagram, and claimed that she had started earning more now and was “very happy.”

It was expected that these words set fire to social networks, but it is not the first time that the topic of money earned by influencers and by younger television collaborators has turned into a viral conversation. A little over a month ago, it was Sofía Suescun’s fortune that was taking over the television spots and the discussions on Twitter. And, the twentysomething has managed to become a millionaire thanks to her time on television and subsequent increase in followers on Instagram.

Considering that he won the two most powerful small screen reality shows, GH 16 and SurvivorYes, it would make sense to associate those amounts. Although the official prize adding both contests reached half a million euros, the reality is that once the obligations with the Treasury have been fulfilled, the final figure would be more than 215,000 euros clean.

If Anabel Pantoja and María Patiño ensured in Save me They could earn 20,000 euros a month for the photos they share on their networks, the figure would be even more scandalous in the case of Sofía Suescun, who has a larger cache, more advertising demand and the same number of followers.

In fact, the ex-contestant acquired an attic in Valdemoro (Madrid) for which she paid 270,000 euros in cash, and the car she uses to get around and which she owns is a Mercedes A-Class.

However, as it happens with other known faces of Mediaset, such as Rafa Mora, the ‘bowling’ in clubs is one of the things that has reported the most money to Sofía Suescun, since it is calculated between 1,500 and 2,000 euros per event. Mora himself, out of Women and men and vice versa and after making a hole in the squad Save me due to his peculiar charisma, he would be earning approximately 600 euros per afternoon in the program, according to information published on the web Gossip, in which the cache of each collaborator was revealed.

This medium exposed that they were below 1,000 per appearance on the program Mila Ximenez and Lydia Lozano, who would charge 950 euros. For their part, Kiko Hernández and Kiko Matamoros, would be taking around 1,400 euros per appearance, and Belén Esteban and María Patiño around 1,100 euros daily for appearing in Save me.

Others like Laura Matamoros, the daughter of Kiko Matamoros, turned her career around and now rubs shoulders with faces like María Pombo, earning an average of 4,000 euros per publication. Her friend and ‘queen of Instagram’, Pombo, is the most demanded today by companies and for advertising a product they usually pay her about 8,000 euros.

Appearing in a reality show, being the daughter of a famous person, creating controversy or being very often on social networks can be the springboard that propels your income to the highest to end up rubbing shoulders with the Matamoros, the Suescun or the Pombo aboard a yacht in Ibiza.


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