the other niece of Lady Diana marries her boyfriend … after 11 years!

the other niece of Lady Diana marries her boyfriend ... after 11 years!

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Lady Amelia Spencer, grandson of Lady Diana as her sister May (and better known in the news) Kitty, finally marries her historic boyfriend: after 11 years of love, she said yes to Greg Mallet’s sumptuous marriage proposal. With whom he shares his heart since they were students at the University of Cape Town, South Africa – PHOTO | VIDEO

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NEW ROYAL WEDDING – And so, a new royal wedding is looming. Lady Amelia Spencer, daughter of Carlo Spencer (brother of Princess Diana), got engaged to Greg Mallet. The father of the bride gave the news of the upcoming wedding. Who has already sported the super engagement ring, all in diamonds!

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SUGAR WORDS – Carlo Spencer had very sweet words for his daughter’s official engagement: “It is wonderful to feel both so excited about their future and I wish them love and a good life together. I love the fact that Greg asked for my blessing before making the proposal to Amelia, it was very sweet. ” No less sugary the words of the future spouses: for Amelia, the day of the wedding proposal was “the best of my life (waiting for the wedding one, of course … editor’s note). I can’t wait to be with you forever, I couldn’t love you more. ” And Greg Mallet himself replied with eyes in hearts: “I asked the love of my life to marry me and she said yes. I couldn’t be happier, I love you with all my heart. “

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WHO IS SHE – Lady Amelia Spencer (although her first name would be Katya) is a cousin of princes William and Harry. She has a twin sister – Lady Eliza – and two other siblings: a boy, Louis, and an older sister, Lady Kitty, who is said to be also close to marrying the multimillionaire Michael Lewis, who is over thirty years older her. Last curiosity: Amelia was the big absentee at Harry and Meghan’s wedding, in 2018, at Windsor Castle. While all the other cousins ​​were well present. The gossips say that Amelia is enrolled in the “anti-Meghan party” and that for this she was not invited (while she was at the wedding of William and Kate, of course). But they will surely be only free bad things.

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