the “Passenger Locator Form” is mandatory to board


Travel abroad: the

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Travel abroad: the “Passenger Locator Form” is required to embark

Tourists returning to Belgium by plane and who have not completed the “Passenger Locator Form” will not be able to board, crisis center spokesperson Gino Claes said on Friday.

From August 1, anyone traveling abroad for more than 48 hours must complete this online form before returning to Belgium, regardless of the means of transport used. The obligation also applies to foreigners who come to Belgium for at least 48 hours.

Anyone traveling by boat or plane must complete the form regardless of the length of stay.

Once the form is completed, the person will receive a QR code by email. “This is proof that you have completed the form correctly. Travelers returning by plane must show this QR code when boarding. If you don’t, you won’t be able to board, ”warns the crisis center.

“You can fill it out two days before departure, or a few hours before leaving, but not three or four days in advance,” says Gino Claes.

“You will have to give in particular your personal data, the country where you stayed and the number of days during which you traveled”, he explains. “If you return by plane, you will be asked for the flight number and your seat. “

“If the National Security Council has decided to make the form compulsory for all travelers, even those returning from a green zone, it is because the situation is changing rapidly, day by day”, justifies the spokesperson. “Completing this form allows you to be notified directly and officially in the event that the area where you have stayed has turned red. If you are traveling by public transport, the information contained in the form will let you know if a passenger who has traveled with you tests positive. “

The contact details of all travelers are sent to the authorities so that they can quickly trace contacts. The SPF Public Health will keep them for less than a month, ensures the crisis center. “I can guarantee that they will only be used when necessary,” said Gino Claes. “They will be destroyed after 28 days, in accordance with the regulations for the protection of personal data. “

Anyone coming from a red zone will receive an SMS asking them to quarantine themselves and to contact a doctor, who will tell them where to get tested. A coupon allowing the test to be carried out will be sent in a second message. The form is available on the Foreign Affairs website.


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