the planetary record maybe broken

the planetary record maybe broken

One body measured 54.4 degrees Sunday in California. If the figure is verified, it would be the hottest temperature on earth since 1913.

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Death Valley, California, has never lived up to its name: the mercury climbed Sunday, August 16 to 54.4 ° C, according to the US meteorological services, potentially one of the hottest temperatures never recorded on Earth. This record temperature, which has yet to be verified, was recorded by an automatic system of the American National Weather Service (NWS) at 3:41 p.m. on a site also named for the occasion: “Furnace Creek”, the brook of the furnace.

The World Meteorological Organization, a specialized body of the United Nations, said on Twitter that it would verify this observation. “It would be the highest officially recorded temperature in the world since 1931,” she wrote. Located in the Mojave Desert, west of the city of Las Vegas, the Death Valley (“Death Valley”) holds the record for the highest temperature ever recorded on Earth: 56.7 ° C, in July 1913. The mercury there also rose to 53.9 ° C in July 2013. However, the 1913 measurement is regularly questioned by meteorologists who consider it erroneous.

The southwestern United States is currently facing a intense heat wave. This summer, other parts of the world have had to contend with unbearable temperatures: the mercury exceeded 50 degrees in Iraq and Kuwait. It was 52.8 ° C at the Basra airport on July 30 and 51 ° C in Baghdad. This week-end, Euronews showed the deliveries of ice creams to Dubai to refresh private swimming pools.

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