the real reason they weren’t confined together

the real reason they weren't confined together



Containment, everyone experienced it in their own way. Yvan Attal, he spent it in Paris, thousands of kilometers from his companion Charlotte Gainsbourg. But if the two lovebirds are used to separate, this time it was not by choice.

Charlotte Gainsbourg and Yvan Attal: the real reason they weren't confined together

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Charlotte Gainsbourg and Yvan Attal: the real reason they weren’t confined together

29 years after they met, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Yvan Attal love each other as on the first day. Parents of three children, they cannot see life without each other. Yet like all couples, they have to face certain difficulties. First of all, the distance. While they are settled in New York in 2013, the director of My stupid dog multiplies the number of trips to Paris, where he still develops many projects. A situation not always easy to manage for Serge Gainsbourg’s daughter, who had confided in the columns of Marie Claire in 2017: “In practice, the distance is complicatedHowever, as the native of Tel Aviv confided, it was separately that the two lovebirds lived the confinement. While the 49-year-old actress remained at her home in the Big Apple with his daughters Alice (17) and Joe (9), the director, he stayed in Paris with his son Ben (23). But it wasn’t by choice!

Yvan Attal confides in his confinement

Still very much in love with the one he met on the set ofIn the eyes of the world in 1991, Yvan Attal ensures that he would have loved to spend confinement with her. But life decided otherwise … “Just before confinement, I was in New York with Charlotteand my daughters and I came back to prepare this Karine Tuil film that I was supposed to prepare March-April and shoot June-July. Boom, we’re confined, so I found myself all alone in Paris, with my son“, confided the director of My wife is an actress on the airwaves of Europe 1. However, he assures that he has not had such a bad time. On the contrary, it would have allowed him to refocus a little on himself. “It was a bit long, but being at your own pace, being able to do a little of the things that you didn’t have time to do all the time, it was nice “, concluded Yvan Attal. Knowing how to appreciate the distance, maybe that’s it the secret of his relationship with Charlotte Gainsbourg !


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