the slap of discord

the slap of discord

Benjamin Biolay and Bénabar: the slap of discord

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Benjamin Biolay and Bénabar: the slap of discord

An interview with Benjamin Biolay in Vanity Fair relaunched the war that has lasted for more than 10 years with Bénabar who had slapped him in a restaurant in 2009.

“A few lines in response to the lies that I see blooming in the press about me. “ A week ago, Bénabar wanted to break the silence on Instagram after an interview with Benjamin Biolay published at the end of July in the columns of Vanity Fair. Between them, for a long time, it is rather “battle” that duo. The singer of “How is your grief? »Had returned to their altercation in 2009 at the Thoumieux restaurant in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. ” I do not have never unsheathed the first. I sometimes responded too bloody attacks. I couldn’t stand, for example, this ‘new French song’ label behind which we were trying to bring together people who had nothing to do with each other », explained Benjamin Biolay. A version of the facts that Bénabar refutes. ” I interfere unwillingly, because they belittle the values ​​I want to defend. I have never engaged in a ‘clash’ with Benjamin Biolay, quite the contrary (which is very easily verifiable). I find deplorable these futile quarrels between optional ‘stars’ which only reinforce the climate of aggression that the most vulnerable are already undergoing ”, wrote the interpreter of the tube Dinner on Instagram.

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Stéphanie’s husband nevertheless admits having slapped his best enemy, but I justify. “I have indeed – and I regret it – put a slap to Benjamin Biolay in a restaurant because from insults to insults, he had authorized himself to talking condescendingly about my mom. It’s all childish, too bad, but well behind me. I accept in principle the criticisms, but not the untruths that some reserve for the rebellious who have the bad taste not to try to please them ”writes Bénabar. Words that obviously made the interpreter of Your heritage. He doesn’t really bury the hatchet, but wishes turn the page.

Benjamin Biolay’s response

“It’s time to move on and stop putting parts in the jukebox. It makes more than eleven posts and nothing to be proud ofa ‘slap’ given from behind. Thank you in advance “, wrote Benjamin Biolay in a story posted on his Instagram account, reports Closer this Saturday August 15. Not sure that this is enough to end a conflict that has lasted for more than a decade.

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