their relationship is going well

their relationship is going well

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Between Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson, things are going wonderfully. Despite the scandal that caused their breakup in early 2019 (Tristan exchanged a kiss with model Jordyn Woods at a party), the two stars have decided to give each other a second chance and are now on the same page.

A source told People magazine: “She loves spending time with him. He has a great relationship with True (their daughter) and he’s been great to Khloé too. They’re back together and Khloé is happier. than ever. They live in a kind of bubble and Khloé loves it. ”

However, the couple’s relationship may be tested again when the next NBA season begins as Tristan will then have to travel all over the United States with his basketball team, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The source added: “Tristan’s travels are always a problem. It was during these times that he ruined their relationship. She hopes he has changed enough that they continue to be a real family.”

Recently, Kim Kardashian had confided to be delighted by the efforts that Tristan provided to be closer to their family despite his past mistakes.

In one of the episodes of their family series, Scott Disick, the former companion of Kourteney Kardashian, had launched to Kim: “He made mistakes, but I feel like he’s really trying to redeem himself. ”

To which Kim replied: “Yes, he’s really trying to redeem himself, he’s really trying the best he can. And it’s been a year since he’s become a different person. . ”


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