These are the favorite books of the Sanity Group founder

These are the favorite books of the Sanity Group founder

Finn Hänsel was the managing director of Movinga and is the founder of the Sanity Group.

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Finn Hänsel was the managing director of Movinga and is the founder of the Sanity Group.

With his startup Sanity Group, Finn Hänsel is making CBD consumption socially acceptable. He reveals which books he particularly enjoyed reading and how they have helped him in his career.

Finn Hänsel is one of the most famous faces on the German startup scene. The serial founder helped set up Movinga and is currently on everyone’s lips with his young startup, the Sanity Group. The Sanity Group is behind the Vaay brand, a line for hemp and CBD products. With his brand and his commitment, he manages to get cannabinoids out of the dirty corner. The successful founder has now revealed his favorite books in an interview. A reading list that should inspire other founders.

Die Puma-Story* by Rolf-Herbert Peters

This is perhaps the most exciting company story of the post-war period: After turbulent decades, the Franconian sports shoe manufacturer Puma has made a breathtaking rise from a loser brand to one of the most popular sports lifestyle labels in the world. This book tells the story of Jochen Zeitz, the CEO of Puma at the time, who brought the company out of the crisis and made it one of the top players in the sports sector again through innovation.

Finn Hansel says:

“I particularly liked the book because it shows how a young, innovative lateral thinker can turn an outdated brand with the right mindset into a world name in the field of sport and lifestyle. In it, the author describes how Jochen Zeitz, then a very young and new CEO of Puma, turned the entire group inside out and gave the brand a completely new image. It has helped me personally in many situations where you think that one person alone cannot change anything. The drive and motivation with which Jochen Zeitz rebuilt the company and the brand is what motivates me to this day. “

Momentum – The power that advertising needs today * by Holger Jung and Jean-Remy von Matt

In this book, the two most creative minds in German advertising provide insight into their methods and secrets. Your Jung von Matt agency is considered to be the most innovative in the German advertising industry. They have won every prize that can be awarded for successful advertising, multiple times over. In their marketing bestseller “Momentum”, Holger Jung and Jean-Remy von Matt explain their credo: There are rules for communication.

Finn Hansel says:

“I particularly liked the book because here advertising is not presented as simple advertising, but marketing and branding is very well thought out and far-sighted, so that the customer is interested and entertained positively. Using various examples, the authors describe how Jung von Matt does marketing for their customers in Germany and thus reinvent the way in which advertising is thought and planned in Germany. The book helped me personally with all tasks related to brand building and aroused my desire for good marketing very early in my life. Holger Jung and Jean-Remy von Matt also describe processes and the background that you have to consider in terms of their craftsmanship – that helped me in particular with my branding skills. “

What you do is who you are* by Ben Horowitz

Ben Horowitz, a leading venture capitalist, modern management expert, and New York Times best-selling author, combines lessons from history and modern organizational practice with practical and often surprising advice to help build cultures that are both good and good in his book get through bad times. It shows how managers can shape the culture in an environment – using four models.

Finn Hansel says:

“I especially liked the book because it shows in a very practical way how important culture is and why managers and founders have to proactively shape culture so that they are not surprised by a bad culture. In the book, the author describes how four historical models – from the slave revolution in Haiti to the samurai – can have implications for today’s managers and how culture emerged in these times and what lessons can be learned from them for today. It has helped me personally to appreciate the culture in my company even more and to ensure that in the first step of founding we have a culture in mind that we live by in the company, that we employ and that we also use for our employees expect.”

The end of illusions * by Andreas Reckwitz

Just a few years ago, the Western public settled in with the apparent certainty of social progress: the global triumph of democracy and market economy seemed unstoppable, liberalization and emancipation, the knowledge society and pluralization of lifestyles seemed to be the key concepts of the future. At the latest with Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, the painful realization that these were illusions followed. This book makes that clear.

Finn Hansel says:

“I particularly liked the book because it has taken a helicopter perspective over the last few years and describes very clearly and specifically the weaknesses of our democracy, what consequences this leads to and what the challenges of this time are. Using studies and essays, the author of the book describes how the expectation of social improvement in times of Trump and Brexit turned out to be an illusion and what challenges characterize the world today, especially in Western democracies. He explains how a new sobriety can help to look at society outside of euphoria and depression. That helped me personally to classify the social development of our western world and opened a new sober perspective to reflect on the development of humanity. “

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