They call a demonstration in support of Felipe VI in Palma de Mallorca

They call a demonstration in support of Felipe VI in Palma de Mallorca

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The constitutionalist association Balearic Civil Society has called a demonstration next Thursday between the Plaza de la Reina and the Palace of La Almudaina, in Palma de Mallorca, where a manifesto in support of the king will be read Felipe VI, as the maximum expression of the parliamentary monarchy, enshrined in the Constitution of 1978.

The entity has explained in a statement this Saturday that the call expresses “absolute respect for the form of state chosen by the Spanish and the “unavoidable” need to defend the parliamentary monarchy “in the face of the systematic attack by involutionary forces directly linked to the Government of Spain formed by socialists and communists.”

The demonstration-rally is a sign of support for Don Felipe, “illustrious neighbor” of Palma, whom the Balearic Civil Society considers “unfairly treated by pro-independence activists, filoterrorists, Bolivarian powers, even by a PSOE that does not seem to be clear about his role. “.

“Example of solidarity”

The entity recalls that Felipe VI, has spent since his childhood “every summer very close to the Majorcans” and this year “faithful to his commitment to the archipelago, he has decided to combine his vacations, to visit the islands of Menorca and Ibiza” and take an interest due to their situation since the pandemic began.

He describes the king as “an example of solidarity”, which “at no time” has been seen by President Pedro Sánchez and his vice-president Pablo Iglesias.


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