They raid a businessman, two judges and a prosecutor for meeting for dinner on Friend’s Day

They raid a businessman, two judges and a prosecutor for meeting for dinner on Friend's Day

The pampa businessman who violated the quarantine on Friend's Day.

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The pampa businessman who violated the quarantine on Friend’s Day.

An agricultural producer was raided while giving a radio interview on a case for the violation of quarantine with a dinner from the Friends day. The homes were also searched and two judges, a prosecutor and another lawyer who participated in that meeting were seized from their cell phones.

The case of the violation of quarantine seems to achieve an institutional tone. The provincial government presented itself as a plaintiff, something that did not happen in the thousands of cases initiated for the violation of article 205 of the Penal Code that sanctions the violation of quarantine.

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The producer and businessman Carlos Ruiz Pérez, who tested positive for coronavirus and revealed the making of that dinner, was raided while giving a radio interview.

“They are paving me … we have a house full of police”Ruiz Pérez told LU 100 radio. Then the wife’s screams were heard. “Please! That this!”said the woman.

Ruiz Díaz questioned that the State has appeared as a plaintiff in the criminal case for the dinner in which the quarantine was violated. In addition to the producer and businessman they raided a business in the city of Santa Rosa. From there they brought him the security cameras.

That meal was held at the house of Judge Pablo Balaguer, who is a member of the Criminal Appeal Court, a court of cassation.

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The prosecutor in charge Andrés Torino, kidnapped Balaguer’s cell phone and router. He also kidnapped the cell phones of the judge’s wife and daughter.

For the same reason, a raid was carried out on the houses of the Misdemeanor Miguel Vagge and the attorney general Guillermo Sancho, who also had his cell phone hijacked. They also kidnapped the cell phone of another lawyer, Marcelo Molín and his daughter.

On Friend’s Day, La Pampa was in phase 5. Although in those days meetings of up to 10 personnel could be held, for that day, the Government issued a decree establishing social and family meetings until 8:00 p.m. The restaurants remained open until 24 hours.

When that meeting came out, Governor Sergio Ziliotto fired an official (head of the Automotive Park of the Ministry of Health), Pedro Arcuri. There it was said that a barbecue had been celebrated.

Three days later, an outbreak began in the town of Catriló, which unleashed the series of cases that spread in the province: the contagion supposedly came from the Buenos Aires town of Carlos Pellegrini. La Pampa is now in phase 1 almost entirely, with 161 cases from that outbreak. In the previous five months, there were only 8 cases.

When it became known that the two judges and the prosecutor were at that dinner, the president of the Superior Court of Justice, José Sappa said that “the judges and the prosecutor` can lose office if that conduct is confirmed. ” And that officials could face a “jury”, beyond the criminal case.

Judge Miguel Vagge said that there was no barbecue and that the meeting lasted until 8:30 p.m. “It was not a barbecue. We chop something and have a few beers. It all ended at 8:30 pm, ”he said.

The lawyer Mario Aguerrido defends five of the accused: the two judges, the prosecutor, the producer Ruiz Díaz and the lawyer Molín.

“I submitted a brief asking that the process be cleared with a fine. There is a resolution of the Attorney General that allows it. It is not a privilege, ”he said.

The approximate amount offered by the accused is 20 thousand pesos, since that resolution does not stipulate amounts.

“If they want to kick the judges and the prosecutor out, there are the institutional paths. But the court case allows the payment of a fine, “said the lawyer.

In official propaganda, Governor Sergio Ziliotto affirms, when speaking of compliance with social isolation, that “everyone is equal before the law.” But that phrase was stained when the provincial deputy Espartaco Marín was intercepted on June 15, driving his car at 2.30 in the morning with 1.24 of blood alcohol. They kidnapped his car, but did not initiate a case for the violation of the quarantine.


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