this cute moment with Layvin Kurzawa’s daughter

this cute moment with Layvin Kurzawa's daughter

PHOTO Kylian Mbappé

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PHOTO Kylian Mbappé “uncle”: this moment too cute with the daughter of Layvin Kurzawa

We no longer present Kylian Mbappé. Star striker of the French football team, essential number 7 of Paris Saint-German, the young and talented sportsman enjoys an exponential popularity rating. In particular with his club partner Layvin Kurzawa. His recent publications on Instagram indeed suggest a beautiful bond between “Tonton KyKy” the world champion and little Kendjaïa.

« Stepover, hook left, right, Kylian Mbappé »… The words of rapper Vegedream ignited the 2018 FIFA World Cup during which the French team largely won the debates (despite a monumental scare against the Belgian Red Devils, let’s not be chauvinistic…). Since, Kylian Mbappé has become an international star, subject of rumors most extravagant, judged curtly for its possible claim by a old champion of the world. In short, he is a phenomenon. But the 21-year-old from Bondy is also extremely generous since don’t forget his roots. He is thus the founder of the association Inspired by KM (Inspired by Kylian Mbappé) whose mission is to encourage future hopes to take the same path as him. Of his political commitments to its mobilization for the Abbé Pierre foundation, Kylian Mbappé seems to realize a flawless course.



«Elf Ability»

On his Instagram account Saturday, August 1, he once again showed one of the sensitive facets that sculpt his character as a champion. A series of publication indeed shows him alongside the daughter of Layvin Lurzawa and Mélissa Chovet, the little Kendjaïa born September 14, 2018. And the least we can say is that “Uncle Kyky” seems to take his role very seriously! Smile on the lips, a little kiss and a big smile, the attacker visibly takes pleasure alongside the young girl. The photos obviously provoked enthusiastic reactions from his fans. ” Adorable ! », « When will yours Kyky? », « Say you fall for this pépette », Can we read in the comments. In short, the Tonton Golden Ball is definitely awarded to our national KyKy!

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