this evening “in all simplicity” around a pizza

this evening “in all simplicity” around a pizza

On vacation at Fort Brégançon, Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte Macron enjoyed an evening in “all simplicity” in a restaurant by the sea that they are particularly fond of. Non Stop People tells you more about this “nice” evening.

Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte Macron: this evening “in all simplicity” around a pizza

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Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte Macron: this evening “in all simplicity” around a pizza

Vacation time has sounded for Emmanuel Macron. After a start to the year punctuated by the global coronavirus crisis followed by a very controversial cabinet reshuffle, the Head of State is having a good time with his wife. It is at Fort Brégançon, in the Var, that the presidential couple put down their suitcases to take advantage of the sunny days.

Happy to be in love, far from protocol and their many official obligations, the President of the Republic and the First Lady took advantage of the evening of Sunday, August 2, 2020 to go to dinner alone. For this moment together, the couple chose the seaside restaurant Les Sirènes, in Cavalière, reports Nice-Matin. An address that Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron particularly like “since they have already made a stopover there. last ”, reports the regional daily.

“They had a great time”

In the newspaper’s columns, Geneviève Jouet, one of the owners of the establishment, was delighted to count them among her most loyal customers: “They ordered pizzas and stayed for two or three hours, quite simply. They had a great time and were very pleasant with all the staff as usual. It is always a pleasure to receive the President and his wife “. No question for the manager of the place to let them leave without taking the now traditional photo of the couple with all the staff of the restaurant. A nice memory that the staff is not not ready to forget.

Although he is officially on vacation, Emmanuel Macron is not unemployed. According to the Journal du Dimanche, the President of the Republic connects meetings by videoconference with his ministers. Very soon, he could even receive Angela Merkel, but also Nicolas Sarkozy for a dinner at Fort Brégançon.


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