Tom Kaulitz’s blatant change

Tom Kaulitz's blatant change



At the age of 16, Tom Kaulitz made his big breakthrough in 2005 as a guitarist with the band Tokio Hotel. The teen rocker became an attractive man. We take you through the blatant transformation of Tom Kaulitz in the video.

Bill or Tom Kaulitz? That was a much discussed question among fans in the early 2000s. The Tokyo Hotel twins were very popular with the girls at the time, with Tom representing the part of the womanizer and bad boy. Heidi Klum also likes Tom.

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Tom Kaulitz: He doesn’t look like this anymore Tom Kaulitz has changed a lot over the years, at that time he was still wearing dreadlocks and mostly a headband with a cap over it. Oversized tops and piercings made his look complete. Hard to believe, but this style was really hip at the time. In the video we show you his blatant transformation.


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