Tremolada signs the shot of the neroverdi

Tremolada signs the shot of the neroverdi

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FROSINONE – The time to enter the field and after just three minutes to sign an external blitz which is worth a significant step towards the playoff final. With a great goal Tremolada, who started on the bench and thrown into the fray just over ten minutes from 90 ‘, allows Pordenone to win 1-0 against Frosinone in the first round of the Serie B playoff semifinal. Benito Stirpe ‘who allows Tesser’s men to look with optimism at the return match scheduled for Wednesday 12 August.

Ball possession for Frosinone, but sterile

In the first fraction of the game, Nesta’s formation predominates in terms of ball possession (60% -40%) but not on that of occasions, despite the fact that the first chance is of the Ciociara type: Dionisi lets start a right from outside the area that is printed on the outside the network. In the first half there are ten conclusions towards the goal defended by Bardi by Pordenone, dangerous in the last of the three minutes of recovery with a counterattack started by Gavazzi and concluded by Ciurria with an imprecise shot from a good position. In the second half, Frosinone takes the field with a different look and at 48 ′ he looks dangerously in the parts of Di Gregorio: Novakovich unloads for Brighenti, who kicks high and wastes the first real chance of the ciociari.

Tremolada comes in and solves the game

At 20 ‘of the second half the match starts with three scoring chances within a few minutes. First Ciurria tries with a right from the edge that forces Bardi to take refuge in the corner. Then it is Dionisi on the opposite front who transforms a lopsided shot by Brighenti into an assist for his left-handed shot that commits Di Gregorio. Finally on the overturning in front of Bocalon he touches the post with a right diagonal at the end of a quick restart. At 73 ′ the neroverdi close to scoring: Burrai crosses the area, Ciurria with a head with a sure shot finds the extraordinary response with Bardi’s open hand. But the goal of the guests is only postponed: the newly entered Tremolada (in place of Gavazzi) is centered and with the left-handed he lets go of a lightning shot that leaves no chance for the Ciociaro goalkeeper. The last emotion in injury time with a goal from Frosinone, signed by Salvi, canceled for offside.

The match winner: “We want to amaze”

“I’m happy to repay the trust of the coach and teammates but also of the club that wanted me in January. It’s early to celebrate though. We are halfway through the work ”. So the match winner Luca Tremolada comments on the success at Frosinone, a big step forward towards the dream A and for the former Brescia to have scored the winning goal, a few minutes after his entry from the bench, is a great satisfaction. “It took me a while between injuries and lockdowns, but now the results can be seen – says the Pordenone player to Dazn -. I like to kick around but today I tried my power and it went well. Even in a few minutes I can try to decide the game, the coach knows this and having his trust is important to me. There is a lot of enthusiasm, there is a young and strong team. We want to amaze, now we don’t want to stop, we can reach the final and take away some satisfactions. Serie A? It is not said… This is a great group ”.


FROSINONE (3-4-1-2): Bardi 7; Brighenti 6 (39 ′ st Ardemagni sv), Ariaudo 6, Krajnc 5.5; Paganini 5.5 (34 ′ st Zampano 6), Haas 6, Maiello 6.5, Salvi 6.5; Rohden 6; Novakovich 6.5 (7 ′ st Ciano 6), Dionisi 6.5. (Iacobucci, Bastianello, Vitale, Szyminski, Beghetto, Tabanelli, Gori, Tribuzzi, Citro). All. In this 6.

PORDENONE (4-3-1-2): Di Gregorio 6; Almici 6.5, Camporese 6, Vogliacco 6, Gasbarro 6; Misuraca 5.5 (44 ′ st Zammarini sv), Burrai 7, Pobega 7 (34 ′ st Mazzocco sv); Gavazzi 6.5 (34 ′ st Tremolada 7.5); Ciurria 6.5 (45 ′ st Pasa sv), Candellone 6 (10 ′ st Bocalon 6). (Bindi, Passador, De Agostini, Stefani, Chiaretti, Semenzato, Zanon). All. Tesser 7.

REFEREE: Maxima of Termoli 6.

NETWORK: 37 ′ st Tremolada.

YELLOW CARDS: Candellone, Pobega, Ciano.


RECOVERY: 3′ pt, 7′ st.

Video: Longhi: “Inter not beautiful, but winning” (Mediaset)


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