Trump bypasses Congress and signs new aid for the economy

Trump bypasses Congress and signs new aid for the economy

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AGI – The American president, Donald Trump, has signed four executive orders for further economic aid, intended to address the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, in controversy with the Democrats after the White House failed to reach an agreement in Congress on the package of stimuli.

Speaking at a press conference of his private golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, the president announced yesterday that federal unemployment benefits of $ 400 per week will be extended (with a $ 200 cut from the current amount), payroll tax will be postponed until the end of 2020 (“most likely” retroactive to July 1) for those earning less than $ 100,000, university loan payments will be postponed zeroing interest at least until the end of the year and the federal moratorium on evictions will be extended.

Trump signed the executive orders in front of the press gathered for the occasion and several dozen club members, who watched from the back of the ballroom and cheered enthusiastically in places.

The memorandum on unemployment benefits appears to be the most complex point of the a unilateral move made by Trump and destined to rekindle tensions with the Democrats. To obtain any additional subsidy, a state must give its consent to enter into a financial agreement with the federal government, which requires individual US states to pay 25% of the $ 400 weekly allowance for those who are eligible. It is not taken for granted that all governors will accept.

A Northeast state led by a Democrat, CNN writes, commented on Trump’s executive order, laughing and saying “we don’t have this money”. States have already asked Congress for an additional $ 500 billion to shore up their budgets, exhausted by the loss of tax revenues following the pandemic. This is one of the main objects of contention between the Democrats, who want to allocate additional aid, and the Republicans, opposed to the bail out of states that – according to them – are only badly administered.

Since Congress has not authorized an extension of federal extra unemployment benefits, the state that wants to join the program will have to put in place a whole new system to provide the expected aid, which could take months, some experts have explained. The Trump administration and the Republicans did not want to continue with the $ 600 subsidies – which ended on July 31 and which were part of the historic extension of the subsidy program launched by Congress at the end of March – to discourage them from returning to work. Democrats, on the other hand, argue that the praise is still weak and that those who have been left without a job still need the $ 600.

“We are disappointed that instead of going to work to solve the problems of the Americans, the president has chosen to stay in his luxury golf club to announce a weak and narrow-minded policy that cuts the unemployment benefits of which millions of Americans they need it, ”said the speaker of the House, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, and the leader of the dem in the Senate, Chuck Schumer.


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