Two people admit to having Covid in a Fuenlabrada market


Temperature control at the Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat airport (Archive).

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Temperature control at the Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat airport (Archive).

The temperature control installed by the Cultural Association of the Elderly in Fuenlabrada (ACUMAFU) at the free mask distribution booth at the entrance to the jumble sale of Extremadura street has given this Wednesday with four persons with fever and From of them have recognized They had Covid.

This has been indicated to Europa Press by the president of the group, Marcelo Cornellá, to influence that today they have deployed a digital thermometer to take temperature in the free distribution of masks that they have been doing among citizens.

In these controls in a day through which up to 5,320 people have passed through their post, they have detected that four people between the ages of 38 and 58 had fever, who have been taken up to four times.

When questioned about why they had gone out with this symptomatology compatible with the disease, two of them openly acknowledged that they were positive for the disease and that they were forced to go shopping because they had no one to do the tests for them. errands.

“The other two people have not revealed if they had the disease, they have been crazy,” Cornellá stressed to add that all of them have been urged to return home, since they are obliged if they have symptoms, and that ” under no circumstances could they on public roads, much less in such crowded places ”.

In a video uploaded to the Facebook account of this association, they explain that they were “unpleasantly surprised this morning” by this situation. “They can be people with Covid and they are walking down the street, without keeping a safe distance. And they come to crowded places like the flea market ”, they have publicly denounced.

From the association they remember that people with symptoms or who know they have Covid “should not leave the house but other people have to do the shopping for them because if they are not in danger of infecting other people.”

In addition, the president of the group has revealed that they have commented on the situation to the local Fuenlabrada Police, since they “are tied hand and foot.”

Acumafu will distribute nearly 80,000 surgical masks to residents for free over the next few weeks that it has obtained through donations.

They claim to be forced to go shopping because they had no one to run their errands for them

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