Two thirds of couples argue during the heatwave

Two thirds of couples argue during the heatwave

A study shows that the hot weather often puts a strain on lovers. There are many who are in separate rooms.

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Photo d’illustration

Heat doesn’t necessarily mean hot moment. For a large majority of couples, the heatwave tends to make a soul mate as likable as a broken fan. According to a survey by, “the leading site for extramarital affairs” – quite a program – 71% of married people argue more during the heatwave.

The over 9,000 respondents confessed by a large majority (78%) a tendency to irritability and nervousness (67%) when the mercury peaks.

To make matters worse, the heat wave and the fatigue that accompanies it tend to lower libido. Almost half of respondents (49%) admit that their desire for darling is gone on vacation. Thus, 59% say they make love much less often.

Desires elsewhere

Between arguments and the absence of activities under the duvet, 4 out of 10 respondents prefer to move away from their partner’s hot radiating body and go to sleep in another bed. Some seem to be hoping that the grass will be cooler elsewhere, much to ‘Gleeden’s happiness:’ We have seen an unusual spike in connection for the season which mainly coincides with the hottest period on record since the start of summer ( + 182% over the period July 27 to July 1is August 2020), notes Solène Paillet, site communication manager. It seems that our members have a stronger need to “decompress” by going to Gleeden to deal with a more gloomy atmosphere within their relationship when the mercury rises sharply. ”

The mercury is expected to exceed 30 degrees this weekend. Lovers, arm yourselves with patience!


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